Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is anybody thirsty besides me???

Let me introduce you to Sampson (our family dog).  Really he is just another child.  Any of you who have had a dog in the house, know what I am talking about.  This is another way I know Daddy has a sense of humor because he has used Samps so many times to teach me a lesson.  For instance, Samps usually goes to get a good bath & hair cut every 6 weeks, usually on a Monday.  Well, evidently while he is there he never sleeps, or drinks anything.  I know this, because when he gets home he lays around & can’t hold his eyes open. And usually the first place he goes is straight to his water bowl.  He did this one afternoon but his bowl was empty.  He got as close to the bowl as he could & laid down.  Immediately God spoke!!! Why aren’t you that thirsty for me?  Sigh!  Well, how do you respond to that?  Why am  I  not so thirsty for God, His voice, His teachings? Why am I not lying down at His feet?  Curled up & waiting for more?  Life just sometimes gets so busy.  I let junk get in the way of listening.  I let junk get in the way of serving.  God gives me choices to make each & every day.  It is ultimately my decision what & who I serve.  More often than not, I make the wrong choice.  But I am working on that.  I am trying to slow down, reevaluate, recalculate, & make the right choice.  Because I AM THIRSTY!  Are you?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Great Song with great message

You will need to hit the stop button on the playlist to hear this song.  It has a wonderful message & is currently one of my favorite songs.  Just wanted to share with you all. I wish it had the lyrics typed on it but it doesn't.  Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Lost but now found Beanie!

Ok, so back about the week before Christmas, I had to get my list together for D & the boys.  You see, we do Christmas a little too big around here.  But none the less, we do it.  So I had placed upon my list for them to get me a beanie.  I pulled some pics on the internet to show the oldest boy.  I explained that they did not, I repeat, did not have to go purchase this exact beanie.  So, Christmas morning arrived.  And you guessed it I got the exact same beanie.  I was excited & wore it.  So jump ahead now three weeks to a month later.  As we are leaving for work/school I can’t find my beanie.  We search the truck & the house. No beanie.  So at this point I am beyond frustrated.  My feelings are hurt.  You see D made the oldest boy ask a store clerk where to find the beanie at the time of the purchase.  And for sake of embarrassment on my child, I won’t repeat what the clerk thought he had asked for.  But it was a little embarrassing to him & a memory was made.  So I am upset for that fact. My boy had been embarrassed for me.  All while trying to buy me something for Christmas.  I am at the point of tears.  So I call D.  Tell him what has happened.  I mean ya’ll I can’t tell you how upset I am at this.  Well our family entertainer had played basketball the night before at the local school here.  So it is just a couple miles down the road from us.  I had even called them.  Told them the whole story.  But they weren’t very impressed with it.   It is just a beanie right?  But not to me.   So as the day goes on I have even pulled it up online again & thought I would just order me another one.  But I thought it won’t be the same.  I call D at lunch & we were talking.  I said something about my beanie & guess what…He had found it.  Yep.  He went back up to the school  & it was on the parking lot.  Yep.  Right where it had fallen out of the truck or right where I had dropped it.  Still there.  How lucky I am to have a husband who loves me enough to do something like that.  I was so excited.  But in the midst of all of my emotions that morning I had said well, maybe a child there needs it more than I do.  You know I had tried to be real grown up about it.  But after I hung up with D, God spoke & said “You know why do you worry & fret?  If I care enough about the small desires of your heart, (something as small as a beanie) why wouldn’t I care about the big stuff?” I said you know what, You are so right!!
1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.

Monday, March 28, 2011

On the day of his return....

Ok, so after the preacher's sermon yesterday, I really couldn't wait to share my opinion.  I so wish I had know what he was gonna preach on.  If I had I would have shared this with him.  Oh, well! 

So here's the deal, we (the ladies & myself in S.S.) have just finished up A heart like his, the study of David by Beth Moore.  So in last week's lesson she gave the scripture in Zechariah 14:4,7,9  (4)"On that day his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives will be split in two from east to west forming a great valley, with half of the mountain moving north & half moving south.
(7)It will be a unique day, without daytime or nighttime a day known to the Lord.  When evening comes, there will be light.  (9) The Lord will be king over the whole earth.  On that day there will be one Lord, and
his name the only name." 

This got me to really thinking.  I know that is a scary thought.  Anyway, a few weeks ago as we all know, Japan had the worst earthquake, like, ever.  9.0.  I didn't feel a thing.  Did you?  I didn't think so.  Well, this verse tells us that He will return to the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem.  Didn't say anywhere around us & by my calculations, that's a pretty good piece from here.  How will we know?  We didn't know this earthquake had hit until the news reported it. We will know folks because that is just HOW BIG HE IS!!!! Can you imagine?  I mean I just get excited thinking about it.  He is big enough, that when Daddy says it's time, He will split the Mount & we here, there & everywhere will know.  No one, nobody, no news cast, no one will have to report it.  We won't have to see it on the news.  WE WILL KNOW & WE WILL SEE!!  Oh me Ya'll this is Huge! I mean Huge!  If that don't get you excited & ready then I dare say you might be dead!  If not be on the look out!  Be ready!  I know He has got one big party goin on.  Party hats & all.  But mine will be a beach themed.  So be sure to bring your sun glasses!! The Son is gonna be bright!!! Love ya all! 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

How to join the party.....

Perspectives from the Partyin’ Preacher’s Wife
Psalms 92:14-16
Taken from the Message
 Let me start by saying, I am more than a little nervous about being the "author" of a "blog" of this magnitude.  This is one sure way of Daddy holding my feet to the fire so to speak. 
I will say this before I ever get started, these are my views, & my thoughts, & what my Heavenly Father speaks to me.  Not what the preacher thinks, or even the church.  So don't hold either of them responsible for what is typed on this page.
“If you’ll hold on to me for dear life,” says God,
“I’ll get you out of any trouble.
I’ll give you the best of care if you’ll only get to know & trust me.
Call me & I’ll answer, be at you side in bad times, I’ll rescue you, then THROW YOU A PARTY.
I’ll give you a long life,  give you a long drink of salvation!”

As I read this verse early one morning, I got holy goose bumps.  Does this make anyone excited besides me?  Here in verse 14 He tells me to hold on to Him for dear life.  Believe me, I am holding on for dear life.  He is the only thing worth holding on to.  Everything this world has to offer, fades.  As D was preaching one Sunday, (& walked on my toes doing it) he said purses & the newness of them fade.  They don’t bring lasting satisfaction, well, if you know me at all, you know I love purses.  They are my weakness, but he was right.  He didn’t have to say it from the pulpit though.  That was almost like Daddy getting on to me. Lol. 
God also says that He will give me the best of care if, notice He says IF, I will get to know & trust HIM.  He will be at my side in bad times.  And when all is said & done, HE IS GOING TO THROW ME A PARTY!!!!!  People our Father is a party animal.  He is not a mean spirited figure sitting on a throne waiting for us to mess up.  He is an all knowing Father.  One who loves us, loves me, & wants what is best for us.  I believe He has a giant sense of humor.  I almost know this for a fact because of the way I live & some of the stuff I do.

When I was approached to write this blog, it was almost an instant yes.  God had laid it on my heart with other things but this was, I believe, an open door.  And as I started to think of the title for the blog it too, was almost instant.  This was planned by my Father long before this web site came to be.  So the title & scripture was a given.
I am a preacher’s wife waiting for my party in heaven.  My Daddy has plans to throw me a party because I am hangin on to Him for dear life.  I am calling on Him, I am waiting on Him, I am longing, seeking, & trying my best to get to know Him better.  Am I perfect? NOPE!!!! Not gonna try to be.  This is me.  I am a wife to the love of my life.  I am a momma to our boys.  I am a daughter to a God fearing Christian mama.  I am a daughter to a dearly loved deceased daddy.  I am a sister.  I am a partin’ preacher’s wife.  My love for my family comes  after my love for my Heavenly Father.  I hope that through this blog you can get some insights to my heart for my Daddy & my Daddy’s heart.  I don’t intend to write anything unless He lays it on my heart.  It will have to come from Him.  He is an awesome God! One who is so worthy of all my praise & I intend to praise Him well. (Psalm 119:175)