Sunday, March 27, 2011

How to join the party.....

Perspectives from the Partyin’ Preacher’s Wife
Psalms 92:14-16
Taken from the Message
 Let me start by saying, I am more than a little nervous about being the "author" of a "blog" of this magnitude.  This is one sure way of Daddy holding my feet to the fire so to speak. 
I will say this before I ever get started, these are my views, & my thoughts, & what my Heavenly Father speaks to me.  Not what the preacher thinks, or even the church.  So don't hold either of them responsible for what is typed on this page.
“If you’ll hold on to me for dear life,” says God,
“I’ll get you out of any trouble.
I’ll give you the best of care if you’ll only get to know & trust me.
Call me & I’ll answer, be at you side in bad times, I’ll rescue you, then THROW YOU A PARTY.
I’ll give you a long life,  give you a long drink of salvation!”

As I read this verse early one morning, I got holy goose bumps.  Does this make anyone excited besides me?  Here in verse 14 He tells me to hold on to Him for dear life.  Believe me, I am holding on for dear life.  He is the only thing worth holding on to.  Everything this world has to offer, fades.  As D was preaching one Sunday, (& walked on my toes doing it) he said purses & the newness of them fade.  They don’t bring lasting satisfaction, well, if you know me at all, you know I love purses.  They are my weakness, but he was right.  He didn’t have to say it from the pulpit though.  That was almost like Daddy getting on to me. Lol. 
God also says that He will give me the best of care if, notice He says IF, I will get to know & trust HIM.  He will be at my side in bad times.  And when all is said & done, HE IS GOING TO THROW ME A PARTY!!!!!  People our Father is a party animal.  He is not a mean spirited figure sitting on a throne waiting for us to mess up.  He is an all knowing Father.  One who loves us, loves me, & wants what is best for us.  I believe He has a giant sense of humor.  I almost know this for a fact because of the way I live & some of the stuff I do.

When I was approached to write this blog, it was almost an instant yes.  God had laid it on my heart with other things but this was, I believe, an open door.  And as I started to think of the title for the blog it too, was almost instant.  This was planned by my Father long before this web site came to be.  So the title & scripture was a given.
I am a preacher’s wife waiting for my party in heaven.  My Daddy has plans to throw me a party because I am hangin on to Him for dear life.  I am calling on Him, I am waiting on Him, I am longing, seeking, & trying my best to get to know Him better.  Am I perfect? NOPE!!!! Not gonna try to be.  This is me.  I am a wife to the love of my life.  I am a momma to our boys.  I am a daughter to a God fearing Christian mama.  I am a daughter to a dearly loved deceased daddy.  I am a sister.  I am a partin’ preacher’s wife.  My love for my family comes  after my love for my Heavenly Father.  I hope that through this blog you can get some insights to my heart for my Daddy & my Daddy’s heart.  I don’t intend to write anything unless He lays it on my heart.  It will have to come from Him.  He is an awesome God! One who is so worthy of all my praise & I intend to praise Him well. (Psalm 119:175)


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