Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Lost but now found Beanie!

Ok, so back about the week before Christmas, I had to get my list together for D & the boys.  You see, we do Christmas a little too big around here.  But none the less, we do it.  So I had placed upon my list for them to get me a beanie.  I pulled some pics on the internet to show the oldest boy.  I explained that they did not, I repeat, did not have to go purchase this exact beanie.  So, Christmas morning arrived.  And you guessed it I got the exact same beanie.  I was excited & wore it.  So jump ahead now three weeks to a month later.  As we are leaving for work/school I can’t find my beanie.  We search the truck & the house. No beanie.  So at this point I am beyond frustrated.  My feelings are hurt.  You see D made the oldest boy ask a store clerk where to find the beanie at the time of the purchase.  And for sake of embarrassment on my child, I won’t repeat what the clerk thought he had asked for.  But it was a little embarrassing to him & a memory was made.  So I am upset for that fact. My boy had been embarrassed for me.  All while trying to buy me something for Christmas.  I am at the point of tears.  So I call D.  Tell him what has happened.  I mean ya’ll I can’t tell you how upset I am at this.  Well our family entertainer had played basketball the night before at the local school here.  So it is just a couple miles down the road from us.  I had even called them.  Told them the whole story.  But they weren’t very impressed with it.   It is just a beanie right?  But not to me.   So as the day goes on I have even pulled it up online again & thought I would just order me another one.  But I thought it won’t be the same.  I call D at lunch & we were talking.  I said something about my beanie & guess what…He had found it.  Yep.  He went back up to the school  & it was on the parking lot.  Yep.  Right where it had fallen out of the truck or right where I had dropped it.  Still there.  How lucky I am to have a husband who loves me enough to do something like that.  I was so excited.  But in the midst of all of my emotions that morning I had said well, maybe a child there needs it more than I do.  You know I had tried to be real grown up about it.  But after I hung up with D, God spoke & said “You know why do you worry & fret?  If I care enough about the small desires of your heart, (something as small as a beanie) why wouldn’t I care about the big stuff?” I said you know what, You are so right!!
1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.


  1. Ok, so I didnt understand at first why you had a pic of a very classy "sockhat" but talking about a 'beanie" (in my head a beanie is a "beanie baby") but get past the craziness of ME. Then,as I read their were chills and even tears (at the end).... How sweet of a story!!!

  2. Thanks Alicia. Just one of the many crazy things that seem to happen to me/us. And just Daddy's way of getting my attention.