Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 2 spring break....I forgot the ham!

Well on this day 2 of spring break I spent the morning with my mom.  She had a doctor's appointment  & it was my turn to take her.  In order to get the full effect of this story, let's back up to this past weekend.  She called my brother to see if he had a ham in his freezer or even, by chance, a gift certificate for one.  He had the latter.  So it was my responsibility to get the gift certificate.  Which I did, quite efficiently, I might add.  So today has come.  Day to go to the doctor & get the ham.  Let me reassure you, I remembered the gift certificate.  It was in my purse.  But because of the title of this post, you know what happens, right?  But let me explain.  There were a couple of stops I needed to make & I did.  Again quiet efficiently.  I asked mom, "Do you want to eat, anywhere else you need to go, any other stops you need to make?"  She said no.  But you see, we were consumed with the meal for tonight.  We were trying to make arrangements to get the list made and the food ordered.  I was busy getting in touch with my brother & asking him to lend a hand in preparation for the meal.   Well, we make it home.  Not long after that, Mom calls, this is what she said: "Do you know what we forgot to do?"   Crap, WE FORGOT THE HAM!!!!!!!!  All I can say is we lost focus.  Or shall I say our focus changed. 

After all this, & some comments from my brother, God stepped in & said, "How like my children."  You see we & I include myself in this, are all to often, quick to lose focus.  When things are going good, then we say, God is good.  But let the wind change, & let something happen, and our focus is changed.  We lose touch with Him.  Why is that?  He never moves.  We do.  You see, I had thought about the ham while in the doctors office.  Several times.  But we changed our focus & there you have it...NO HAM.

God wants to give us His best.  In fact, He did.  But He also wants our best.  He wants our focus to always be on Him.  Nothing else.  Not our challenges.  Not our circumstances.  Just Him.  He wants us to lay those things at His feet & let Him deal with them.  1 Peter 5:7  says to "Cast all your cares on Him for He cares for you".  Again, it says ALL, not some but, ALL.  When they are ALL cast there, we can focus on Him while He focuses on us.  So I ask you today, What & who are you focusing on? 

I will say, that, yes, we will be having some ham for Sunday dinner.  I turned it over to someone who is a tad bit more resposible than I. 

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