Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It is with a smile on my face that I introduce to you.......

For you face book friends & church members, this isn't news to you. I have been wanting to publish this post for so long.  Finally the ok so without further ado........                           This is T.  That is the name we use around the house anyway.  God used this child to finally bring me full circle & complete me.  From an early age, I had always wanted to adopt.  But D & I got busy with life.   God blessed us with our two healthy boys.  And boy do they keep us busy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Anyway, I am an avid blog reader & a couple of writers had gone on a trip sponsored by Compassion International.  They were meeting the children they sponsor.  God starting moving me again.  Oh, He had been placing events & people in my path.  Things like the earthquake in Haiti.  The Gaither’s who serve in Belize.  Things like that.  Well I was moving toward sponsoring a child.  I thought that maybe this was where He was & had been leading.  D wasn’t so sure. So I dropped it.  God didn’t.  I thought, well, maybe if I take the idea to the Sunday School class.  Maybe that is what this has all been about.  Maybe it has all been for them to have the chance to serve in this capacity.  So I did.  They thought it was a great idea.  So the search began for the boy from Guatemala.  But this partyin preacher’s wife didn’t have peace.  Somehow I ended up searching in Ethiopia.  Why?  All I can say Daddy led me there.  This face engulfed me.  I was consumed.  I couldn’t get peace.  I was worried.  I was just gone…  So I asked D how he would respond to a church member who came to him & said I don’t have peace with this.  What do I do?  What if this is what we are supposed to do?  What do we do with this? What do I do with this?  What? What? What?  So he rolled the idea over.  He came in on Friday after Thanksgiving & said what do we have to do, to do this?  So the short of the long is this, I pulled him up on the website one more time to pray over it & read again & he was gone.  I panicked.  But Daddy had other plans.  I found him again & we sponsored him.  I felt whole.  I felt complete.  Now does this mean my boys didn’t complete me?  NOPE!  Not by a long shot.  My boys are my world & if you know me at all you know this.  But this was something God laid on me at a very early age.  D & I talked about it before we were ever married.  (He doesn’t remember it though.)
And now my world is complete.  I’m not going to lie. I worry about T.  I wonder if he if ate well today.  If he is ok.  If his grandmother is ok.  What the weather is.  If he is warm. Cold. Happy.  Does he know I am here? Does he know I, we, are praying for him?  Yes, I have written him & told him, but does that mean anything?  Someday I think I will just jump on a plane & ask him myself.

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  1. And I just imagine that he will know you too. There are no other words to explain how it feels to adopt someone. I'm happy for you Beth.

    Loving His Presence,