Friday, April 22, 2011

What do your roots look like?

Oh where do I begin this post?  I tell ya.  What a day.  As it began, I was in desperate prayer for what to post.  After all, it is "Good Friday" & there's lots of meaning in this day.  In fact I had a whole different post typed up. I do that.  I type one up & let it sit for a while.  Until Daddy says hit publish.  The contents of it were something to the effect that as I got ready early this morning, I wasn't really finding anything "good" about it.  You know, it was my last day of spring break & I was getting ready to do something extremely hard.  Yet on the way, the sun broke through the clouds & was shining down on the trees & the colors were beautiful.  Yet on the other side of the road were trees that had been blown down by Tuesday nights storm.  Then I reach the destination & as the service was about to begin, the sunlight filtering through those stain glass windows were beautiful too.  So God spoke softly like He does & says, see My Sonlight does come through. 

Then as the day goes on I am replanting my ferns.  They have sat in these urns for two or more years now.  As I am trying to get them out, I thought to myself I bet this is quiet entertaining for the cars passing by or the neighbors if they are watching.  Those things were in there good.  But when I got them out this is what I got:
I know.  A big ol mess isn't it?  But what got me is it took on the shape of its container.  So needless to say, Daddy goes to talking like He does.  This is what I want you to look like.  I want you to have this many roots.  I want you to take on the shape of ME.
Sometimes that is so hard to do.  To take on the shape of my Heavenly Father.  But Psalms 1:3 says "He is like a tree planted by streams of water..." If we are planted in Him, & stay in our container which is Him, then yes, we will come out with His shape.
I want to come out looking like Him don't you? 
So for the rest of this day & the rest of this weekend, I pray you think about what you are looking like.  Whose shape do you have?  Are you looking like the world or are looking like my Jesus? 
I can't help but think that on this day so many years ago, my Jesus bled & died for me.  To strive to be like anyone else, to look like anyone else, would be just another slap in His face.  No one else has ever died for me, so why wouldn't I want to resemble Him?

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