Sunday, April 17, 2011

So let the real count down being

On one of my calendars it states that today is Palm Sunday.  Palm Sunday:  Have you ever give more thought to it than that?    I realize that we southern Baptist don't really observe Palm Sunday.  So let me say that what I am about to type here are just my thoughts.  Not our church's. Our pastors',  just mine.   I can't help but go back to that time on this day. Luke 19: 28-44 tells of the Triumphal Entry.  It is my understanding that many believe that this took place the Sunday before the Crucifixion.  If that is the case, which I am almost certain it is, I have to wonder what was going through my Savior's mind as He rode on the back of that donkey.  Was He thinking "Father, this is the beginning of the end". "This is the beginning of the beginning".   "This will be my last week on the earth in human flesh with the people".  Being a sentimental woman, my imagination leads me to think maybe it was a very bittersweet day, moment, week.  He knew why He came to this earth.  He knew it was for us.  Yet we later on see He asked God to remove the cup if it be His will. So as time ticks by this week I challenge you in each day, maybe several times a day, to think back to that week for the One who died for us.  As we see in verses 37 "the whole crowd of disciple began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen".  Yet in verse 39 the Pharisees didn't like it.  They tattled & said to Jesus will you please make them stop.  We are uncomfortable with it.  But Jesus said in verse 40 Boys, I tell you what, if they sit back & do nothing, the rocks will cry out.  (my paraphrase)  I don't know about you, but I don't want any rocks crying out for me.  I don't want rocks singing my praise.  He's done too much for me to sit back & do nothing.  What we are celebrating this week is proof of it. 

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