Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Gerber

This is not the best picture of this lil fella and it is not the most recent.  This is Gerber.  He is the child from Guatemala that our Sunday School sponsors.  Today was his birthday.  He looks so much different in the other picture.  I will have to try to get it on here.  He has written us two letters.  In the first one he just basically told us about himself.  His favorite foods, activities, Bible story & character, which by the way is Moses.   In the last letter we received, which was just a few weeks ago, he thanked us for what we have done for him.  He thanked us for the Christmas gift we sent which he was able to get a new pair of shoes & socks with.  He enjoys going to school & learning. His favorite drink is coffee.  He enjoys soccer.  He also told us his family is in good health & in his words, they attend church to praise our Lord.  He attends the center there to learn & memorize Bible verses & songs.  He asked for prayer for his studies in this school year.  So on behalf of Gerber, I ask that you join us in praying for him, his studies, his family.  It is my understanding that gangs & drugs are a part of life in Guatemala & the struggles of raising children are there also.  I am sure it is probably even more difficult.  So I ask that you lift his parents.  Ask God to strengthen them to raise these children.  I ask that you ask God to help Gerber learn what he needs to in school.  I ask that you ask God to guide him & protect him so that he may grow up & live a good life & be a Godly man. 

There are so many children still living in poverty.  Here & around this world.  Children who need to know they are loved.  Children who need to know Jesus.  If you are interested in sponsoring a child, click the compassion button.  It should take you to their website.  It is self explanatory from there.  If not that is ok.  I understand that sponsoring a child isn't for everyone.  But please be in prayer for them. 

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