Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today is the end of an era

I will have to say, today will be a bitter sweet day for me.  It doesn't seem like it was too awfully long ago I sent him to kindergarten.  I was often asked what will you do now.  Mine & his response was have a party.  My clown, my child who often sees things as black or white, will finish up his elementary & junior high time today.  He will spread his wings today.  I have said as this year has progressed, that he has come out of his shell.  I wonder what August will hold for him.  I don't have the answer to that question.  But I do know that he knows the One who does.  I do know that whether he knows it or not, I see passion for that One.  I do know that this is my baby, my "mama's boy" (that is what he used to tell people.  He was his mama's boy) I do know that I love him.  I sometimes wonder what happened to  this lil fella:

Time goes so fast doesn't it.  I can remember taking this picture.  He loved to eat spaghetti.  Can you tell?
There are so many more pictures of him being him.  I tell you, he is our clown.  He can bring a smile & a laugh when I need it.  He can also drive me nuts.  He marches to the beat of his own drum.  His own song.  His own lyrics.  He is ours.
He claims he likes to fish & I do believe he does.  If he didn't he would never touch a pole unless you paid him to.

 He is usually up to something.  All in the name of fun & a good time.  This was at school for a party they were having. 

He was the one who wanted to take a helicopter ride last year on vacation.  So guess what?  Yep we did.

You can almost see that little boy disappearing.

Again, he is always about having a good time.  This was 4th of July last year at the lake.  I believe someone started with water balloons.  But you see what he has.  And I am almost certain it is full of water.

This is his game face.  Our competitor.  He doesn't like to lose.

Again our clown.  He doesn't mind going out on a limb.

These last three are just some of my favorites.  They were taken in 09.  But you see that smile?

This is the I told you so & I enjoy being right & winning.

And Mama's all time favorite of him! Again, he is the baby of the family although he's growing up.

He and big brother took dad's old number. 

He will probably want to kill me for posting these.  But it is a big day for him.  Big brother had the same day a few years ago, but mom wasn't blogging then. 
All I know is this, these two boys & their daddy (samps too) are my world.  I would be lost with out them.  It is hard to believe they are growing as fast as they are.  It seems like yesterday he was dressing himself in that royal blue jimmy neutron shirt with green camouflage shorts.  Now we will tie a tie tonight & walk across a stage in junior high school.  I hope the high school can handle what is coming.  I am sure they can. 
I am proud to say that whether he knows it or not he is following God.  He does have a passion for Him.  I hope & pray you keep it my boy.  Dad & I are proud of you.  More than that, we love you!

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