Thursday, June 16, 2011

As Gomer would say Surprise! Surprise! We had a party!!!

Ok, I have to admit, y'all got us.  And you got us good.  For those of you in the dark, our church family got together & threw us a surprise "beach party"/"luau" Sunday night.  It was so much fun.  Thanks to some of our members they took the pictures I am about to share.  I am not about to start thanking anyone in particular because I would leave someone out.  So a great big THANK YOU goes out to everyone!
I shared with the ones in attendance Sunday night as well as my Sunday School class Sunday morning that never in a million years growing up did I ever, I mean NEVER EVER dream of growing up &  becoming a preachers wife.  I never ever thought that looks easy or like it might be a lot of fun.  NEVER!  But as I said the other day God had a plan.  And this is part of it.  He placed us with this body of believers.  And I am so glad He did.  You all have no idea how much you mean to me & our family. 
This is a shot of our table.  We had leis, cute plates, napkins, glasses.  Everyone in attendance (except us of course) were dressed for the occasion.  So much fun!

This is what the front of the table looked like.  Yes those are beach balls & a dolphin hanging from the ceiling.

This was our expressions as we walked in. There are very few times you will find D or myself speechless, but this was one of those times.  I had no words.   Yes, the chairman of "demons" as D jokingly calls him was our escort. 

See, D came ready to preach.  But look at the look on his face.

The table was covered with gifts.  

Even the boys got in on the festivities.

                                                   And then we all got to play dress up.
                                                                                            When the big boy stood to put on the coconut bra, well, let's just say it was a crowd pleaser.                           

These were just a few of the folks who had "words" to say to us.  Some were kind words others were more of a roast.  I will let you decide who may have said what.

Pastor appreciation is in November.  But our church usually has so much going on all the time.  So this was their way of thanking us.  But you see, we are all in it together.  God placed us with this family because He knew we needed them & maybe they needed us.  Scary thought. (I smile)  A woman who plays the piano with a husband who just happens to be a preacher with only a high school education hangin' on to God.  A church who just so happened to need a piano player & a preacher at the same time.  Coincident?  I don't think so.  Only God can do stuff like that.  We have been there six years, will be seven in August.  The only thing that we can promise to do is continue doing what we do.  We serve our Father with you in mind.  He leads, we follow.  But you see we all do it as a family. 
As someone said last night we have fun when we go to church.  These pictures are proof of it.  We have fun, we party, we love, but most of all we do it all together.
There's just not much more to say other than:  Thank you for accepting us just as we are.  Thank you for loving us.  Thank you for your willingness to go & serve where ever & how ever our Father leads.  We love you!

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  1. I have heard preacher with master degrees that can't hold a candle to Bro. D. and it's all getting better and better. Yea, God had a plan and I am thankful that He has allowed my wife and I to be a part of it. We love your whole family. Thanks