Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just a reminder

As I said in my last post I've been kinda still.  This morning as I was getting ready for church, with my head in the sink washing my hair, I ask God to just show me.  Show me.  Remind me that You are near.  Just.....
so as I am waiting for everyone to stir & start getting ready I thought I would sit down & read up on a couple of blogs whose writers are on a Compassion trip in the Philippines.  I encourage each of you to go to  I was reminded of so much.  I have had a heavy heart lately.  For reasons I can't even explain to myself.  May be I have been consumed with just my four & no more.  But God reminded me that this really does happen in our world.  These are real people in this video.  I have often asked my mother why in the world she would travel around the world to go on a mission trip when we live on a mission field right here.  Her reply was they appreciate the help so much more.  I am really beginning to see that.  Again, I encourage you to go to the website above.  There will be other links there to take you to other sites of one's on this trip with her.  The pictures & videos speak volumes.  God reminded me.
I have to add this now.  Go to  Read the post titled meeting the neighbors.  He posted it on June 1.  It is up now.  All I can say is this is POWERFUL!!!!!!!

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