Monday, June 13, 2011

Let me tell you about my Daddy!

This is gonna be a busy week.  Lots going on here on the home front.  Stay tuned for blog updates.  I hope to have you several this week.  Saturday was a busy day also.  I am working on that post too.  Then I have to get pictures from last night to share with you all so there's a second post.  We have a birthday this week so there's a post.  But I wanted to give you something to think about this week as we bring Father's Day in on Sunday.  Father's are often overlooked.  We don't see them as busy as the mom's are.  The kids don't really need dad like they do mom.  Right?  Well, as D pointed out to me yesterday my days are numbered.  We have one that will graduate high school in a couple of years, Good Lord willin', & then who knows he may have his heart set on a lil girl & he won't need me anymore.  But he will always need his daddy.  D said he will take the front seat then & I will be in the back seat.  Good point.  But not gonna travel that road just yet.  First things first!  On with my point.  I want to first share a couple of pictures of two men who were & still are so special to us. 

This is D's dad.  He was a Godly man.  He loved to aggravate me.  He lovingly called me dummy.
I don't know where or why that came about but that was my name.  He loved everyone of his grand kids which by the way, are all boys.  I can still hear him say "Hey lil buddy" to these two here.
He liked to fish.  He wasn't organized with his tools. (like someone else I know) But I do believe he taught his son well.  He taught him how to be a good father.  How to love & care for his wife.  How to love & care for his family. 
We miss him.  But we know where he is & we know we will see him again.

And this is my daddy.  One of my favorite pictures of him.  He has on his boots, shirt tail tucked in, glasses, pen, & a lil screwdriver in his pocket.  How I miss him.  My boys never go to see him this side of heaven, but I know with out a doubt he would have loved them just like he did the other three grand kids.  ( 2 boys & a girl)  I always thought I was special when I was with him.  He was & still is the only one who ever called me by my full name.  Mom did but only when I was in trouble.
He too, was a Godly man.  He was a quiet man.  But boy when he spoke, everyone tuned in.  (I didn't get that trait from him.)  He loved my mama & showed me what to look for in my mate.  More or less showed me I should settle for nothing less.  I got it right!  With the help from my Father's.  Earthly & Heavenly. We miss him too & we know we will see him again. It's just a temporary separation.

Now on with our Daddy.  As much as we love these two men & as much as they done for us here on this earth, let me tell you about My Daddy!  You see I am the apple of His eye.  Don't believe me?  Look at
Deuteronomy 32:10.  And He loves me with an unfailing & abounding love. (Psalm 13:5, Ex 34:6)
He owns the cattle of a thousand hills & He is preparing me a beach house in glory! (well, maybe not a beach house, but I call it that) And all of this is just to name a few. 
You see, I can look back on my life with these two earthly father's and I can  name and  see the things they stood for.   Things they did.  Things they taught.  And yes they both loved their families so much. But my Heavenly Father & I have a history too.  I can look back and see things He has taught.  Lessons learned.  Needs that have been met & the only way I can explain them were just that my Daddy met them.  I can look back and see where He gave me the desire of my heart.  I can see answered prayers. 
He is my shelter
My shield
My rock
My deliverer
My strong tower
My strength
My friend
My love
My Father
And I can think of no other way to celebrate Him & His love for me & you than to praise Him well everyday. 
So I encourage you as Sunday comes to slow down and think about what our real Father has done.  No other one has ever given their child for me or you.  That alone should be enough.   But He just keeps on blessing doesn't He?
Yes by all means celebrate with your father if he is still here.  If you can't be with him, call him.  If you are like us & yours has gone home, then relish in the fact that we still have a Daddy to celebrate with.
That makes me smile.

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