Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What we did Saturday

Back a few months ago the "Refuse" program was started.  It is a class that is held on Wednesday nights for boys & girls ages three to twelve.  The name "Refuse" came from the song "I refuse".  In the class the children are taught bible lessons that go along with the months theme.  The first month we had a can food drive.  Some way, some how, it ended up like this.  This is a truck from Second Harvest Food Bank.  This truck was loaded down with food.  And believe me when I say loaded, it was loaded.  Names were submitted by members of our church family.  Those people were contacted.  Given a number and an appointment time.  They came and done their grocery shopping at no cost.  In all, close to 150 families came through and when all was said and done at noon, over 400 lives had been ministered to.  Our church family doesn't want any praise from this.  It all goes to our Father!

Everyone in these pictures had a job to do.  And as you can tell there was no age limit.  We had some as young as six there and then there were those who are full of wisdom. Some unloaded this...

While others did this.....

Like I said everyone had a job to do.  Some made the phone calls to notify the families, some registered them at the door.  Others greeted them at the table & handed them their food.  While others handed out scripture & sent them on their happy way.  Others help them load their cars & said have a nice day with a smile.  Through it all, God smiled down on our church family.  Our church is a busy place.  There is usually something always going on.  But never does it usually go as smoothly as this did. 
We have partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank to make this happen.  And we do believe it will happen again. 

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