Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vacation 2011

Well, we made if back from the beautiful place pictured above.  Can't say I was ready.  But D made me come home.  So my attitude is this; if I can't be there, then I may as well be home.

This was the view one morning.  I know.  Priceless. Right?

This is what we saw as we walked out the door.   One of these days I'm gonna have me some of these in my yard.  Here or there.  I know. I just know I will have some of these.

Can you see the umbrella's?  One of them had our name on it.  I know today it is wondering what happened to me.
We done a lot of this.....

While watchin them do this.

And then one day they did this....


And we were left on the boat wondering where time went.
And wondering when they got big enough to do that with out us.
We can't go without me taking some of these....

I think this one just might be my favorite though.  

I am often times found saying that this place is my home away from home.  Which is really, more often than not,  exactly how I feel.   And as long as these three and our heavenly Father is there (Samps too) it is home.
I will have to say though that Daddy does know the desires of my heart.  He proved that Sunday when we got there.  Our unit was the only one ready.  Early. I might add.

I have to tell you though that Daddy spoke gently to me when we got home.  This life isn't really about the vacations we take, the homes we have or the stuff we have.  It is really all about Him.  He blesses us each day.  It is up to us to decide what to do with those blessings.  I will choose to thank Him & praise Him well for what He has given me.  For what He gave up for me. 
If you are a member of our church family you have heard D say you don't have to be in church to worship.  And that is true.  You can worship our Father wherever you are.  I did just that one day.  I had my ipod blaring Travis singing "This is the Day", & then "His Life for Mine".  Some of those folks walking past may have just thought I was sweatin' like a pig.  But I let the tears run down my face in worship & praise for my Father.  Nothing like it.  So yes.  In that empty chair up there I had a worship service sitting on the beach.  I didn't have to wonder if the tide would reach my chair.  It did & I felt it.

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