Thursday, August 25, 2011

Teeterin on the Edge and sittin still

Do you ever feel like you are just teetering on the edge of something?  Well here lately that is exactly how I feel.  Thing of it is, I am not sure of the edge.  There are a couple of situations in which I am having to just sit still.  Sitting still isn't easy.  Especially for me.  But that is what I am having to do.  Sit still and just know He is God and He is working. 

Last year a dear friend spoke some encouraging words to the preacher and myself.  Isaiah 43:19 was part of those words.  "See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?"  This verse has come to my attention so many times since then.  And here lately it has come to my attention quiet a bit. The thing about it is there are so many areas right now in which it could come to play.  So I am sitting and waiting and teeterin on the edge to see what Daddy is up to. 

For those of you in Sunday School class with me: some of you received a text with a challenge.  The question is raised if you want a wild ride with Daddy?  If so, unbuckle your seat belts.  Daddy led me to do just that a few years ago.  But then something happens and I buckle back up.  I don't want to fall out or seem to "radical".  But I am teeterin on the edge of just jumpin on the hood now.

The preacher spoke about being a blessing before we receive a blessing.  So going back to our lesson Sunday, Peter and John were a blessing to the crippled beggar sitting at the temple gate.  They weren't in such a hurry that they missed him.  They saw him.  They stopped.  They made eye contact with him.  Peter took him by the hand, called on the name of Jesus and pulled the man to his feet.  The man began to walk, dance, jump and praise God.  All because these two men weren't too busy or distracted to be a blessing.  How awesome would it be if we as Christians would just be willing to let God use us?  If we were willing to be a blessing?  If we were willing to unbuckle and want to ride a wild ride with Daddy?  I am teeterin on the edge and thinking it just might be the thrill of a lifetime.  Better yet life would be one thrill after another.

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