Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What was in your summer?

I type this post with some bittersweet emotions.   In a matter of weeks we will cover her up.  Take the umbrella down.  Tie it up.  Stack the chairs.  And then watch the leaves fall.  My mama always said the older you get the quicker time flies.  I didn't ever really believe her.  Until I started getting older.  Now I wonder why this summer had to fly.

As I tried to take in some sun one last time, I thought of all this summer has held.

It held memories, birthdays, ballgames, practices.

It held relaxation. Rest. Soul searching.

It held fun times in the sun.

It held found treasures.

It held creation.

It held a food bank.

It held a surprise party.

It held getting to meet this sweet face and his mama.

It held rain, clouds, and even some storms.

And at the end of each day.....

It held a sunset.  Always.

So as I sat outside trying to soak up one more ray of sunshine my thoughts wondered.  All the way into this time next year.  And that is where I had to stop.  I had to stop and reflect on the blessings of this summer.  I have already been back into semi-full swing.  The kids will hit it today.  Yes, we will still be able to swim.  Play ball. Camp.  Enjoy a sunset or two.  But never again during the summer of 2011.  In a few weeks folks in the area will be wearing their orange.  Then pumpkins and mums will start appearing.

Yes, seasons come and seasons go.  People come.  People go.  But the one thing that will always remain the same is our Father.
He is as constant as the sun rising in the East and setting in the West. 
I may stray or wander off.  But He will always remain. 

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