Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why Bother?

I am asking myself that tonight.  Sometimes it just hurts too much to care.  But begin a called child of the King we have to.  It is in us.  It is in me.  If you know us, you know we sponsor a child through Compassion. He is in a "third world" country.  But what I have experienced tonight just may be the next thing to it.  It felt like it anyway.  It just down right hurt.  It left me wondering how many more little souls are out there going through the same thing that I witnessed.  I have lived my entire life and never had a need that wasn't met.  My parents have always been there and still are.  I have never spent one moment of my life ever really wondering if they cared at all.  I knew it.  I always knew where they were. Our boys know the same thing.  They never have to wonder where we are.  If we care.  If we love them.  They know.  But what I witnessed tonight tore my heart out. Right here in our small town.  Our community.  Our country.  To the point that I think maybe I need to pull way back and reevaluate.  Examine it all really closely.  But then again.....Those disciples whom Jesus called right out of the boat didn't question.  Didn't reevaluate.  They just said ok.  We will go.  Thing of it is, they are like us.  They didn't have to travel very far to minister.  They just followed Him.  I wonder if that sometimes hurt them too.  Was is sometimes too much?  But look at what they would have missed if they had stayed in the boat.  Look at what I would miss if I stayed in the boat.  Or just road with my seat belt buckled.  I have learned to be careful in what I ask God to do.  He just might be in a playful mood and say ok.  Let's see what she will do with this.  I know He gets a great big kick out of me sometimes.   I ask.  He delivers.  And I find myself where I am right now.  Wondering what to do.  But I am also asking and wondering if this just might be satan's way of attacking what God is trying to do.  

I heard a famous preacher say that sometimes when we hurt the most that is when God is getting ready to pour out more blessings than we can stand.  We just don't want to go through the pain.  I have to be honest
I have been through some pain and I have received many blessings.  The pain is so worth it. 

2 Chronicles 15:7 says "But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded."

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