Monday, October 3, 2011

Panic Mode!!!!

What I am about to tell you may absolutely bore you to tears but I have told you before that "Daddy" uses this beautiful "pretty boy" pictured above to speak to me.  This past Saturday night was no different.  It is dark and the security light has come on.  I am standing on the patio waiting for him.  I watch him go past my hydrangea bush which is nothing unusual.  Only thing is the gate was left open.  I still haven't had anyone to fess up to leaving it open.  Anyway, I turn my back to shut the door and turn around and he is gone.  I mean GONE.  Nowhere to be seen.  Nowhere.  I call his name.  Nothing.  I turn more lights on. Nothing.  I get the young one and D in on the action.  We live on a pretty busy highway and I had him in the middle of it.  But then I am NOT hearing horns or squealing tires or anything like that.  Any way the young one finds him in the yard around a bush he favors.  Yep he ventured out of his area.  In the dark.  Setting me in panic mode. 

So as I thought about this, "Daddy" gently spoke.  How do I make Him feel when I venture out of my area.  I know that I don't send Him in panic mode, but still I know He would rather me stay close by being that I am the apple of His eye (Psalm 17:8) and He loves me with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3). 

Needless to say that once he was safe and in the house he was in big trouble for scaring mama like that.  But I got over it because he was safe and in the house.  Our Father is the same way.  He wants us safe and tucked in under His wing.  Following His lead and not our own.  He wants us to stay with Him and not venture out of our area.  He knows what this world holds.  Yes the world shows us lots of pretty things and makes us think we want those things.  But our Father knows best.  Samps didn't see anything wrong with venturing out of his area.  We don't either.  He didn't see or know the dangers that were out there either.  We don't either.  I have to be honest I have ventured out of my area and out from under His wings more times than I can count.  But each time He has always been there waiting for me to turn around and come back.  The difference between me and Him, He can always see me.  I couldn't see Samps.  Kinda makes me think that before I venture out again I will remember this past Saturday night. 

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