Thursday, October 20, 2011

Whoa Neely!!!

This is what I have been hearing God tell me a lot lately.  Since like summer.  Which by the way, I am wondering where it went!  Anyway, He has been on me to just slow down.  Literally.  Slow down, take my time, stop and see all that is going on around me.  Life.  My boys.  Our family.  His creation.  Slow down and enjoy.  But I am a tad bit on the stubborn side.  Anybody know what I am talking about?

Anyway I got myself one of these.....
Yep!!! I sure did.  I wasn't happy about it at all.  My boys have really chimed in with their opinions and comments about it.  Now in my defense it has been twenty one years since I had an "official" ticket.  This one was for uh um, Failure to stop.  Yes.  Do you get Daddy's sense of humor here? Needless to say I have been trying to really slow things down.  Not rush myself in to doing everything that needs to be done.  And then He brings it all home today as I had to sit in the court room.  You see, I got this pink slip on Labor day.  So it has been a thorn in my side for a few weeks.  But today, as I pondered on it He brought it all full circle.  I had to appear in court.  Before a judge.  And be held accountable.  Do you see where He is leading with this?  Because one day, I will have to appear again.  Before a judge and be held accountable.  I don't plan on it being here though.  But there.  He will question me just like that judge today did.  I will have to answer.  My pink slip was dismissed.  No fees to pay.  After all, it has been over twenty years.  I didn't fall to my knees when I approached the judge today.  But one day I will.  And I won't have a fee to pay there either.  My debt has been paid. 

So to celebrate the slowing down.  The enjoyment of life.  I will have some of this....

And I just might take my time eating it.


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