Monday, November 21, 2011

Still counting!

I realize it has been, what? a week?  I haven't really stopped counting. Just not posting.  However, I wanted to share this.  This past Saturday morning.  They will want to hurt me, but my heart is in the right place. 

We got together just to have some girl time.  We don't get to do it very often.  If ever.  We are together in Sunday School but we usually get right down to business.  So one decided to call a time out for just girls.
It was nice.  We decided we need to do it more.  I think we will.  So if you missed this one, you may have another chance.

Outside of my family, and a couple of others, these are some of my favorite people.

She had a birthday.  It wasn't intended to be a birthday party.  It just happened that way. 

This chic here was the hostess.  But she is one of the dearest, bestie's ever!!!  To the point we can communicate just by the look on each other's face. Without a word.

There were a few others who couldn't make it.  And let me tell you this group of ladies are serious about having a good time.  Laughing. And loving our "Daddy".  I have never been around a group who is so eager to learn and follow Him. With that said, if you are reading this and you don't have a church home.  You are more than welcome here.  If you attend our church and don't have a home Sunday School class.  Come on in.  We have a ball!

 I just don't believe "Daddy" will ever move us from this church family because it would cause so much havoc.   There would be so many people having to pack their bags and homes to go with us.  Not because they would want to, but because I would insist on it. 
LOL's, you are God's way of holding my feet to the fire.  You are the one's who hold me accountable.  I love you all to pieces. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Counting blessings

I used this old song as an example in Sunday School this past Sunday.  We all know how it goes.  We learned it as children in Sunday School and Vacation Bible Schools.  I had no idea when I mentioned it Sunday that God would use it as one of my blessings this week.  If you watched the interview last night with "Diane Sawyer and Gabby Giffords"  you probably saw her and her therapist singing it.   I did.  I just didn't "listen" to it.  But today a sweet friend of mine sent this video to me.  And as I listened, I heard that still, quiet voice.  I've been asking a lot of questions lately and I know He has got to be sick of hearing them.  So He just answered.  For that, I am thankful.

So you know in order to hear the song well, turn off the player at the bottom.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I realize I didn't post yesterday.  Maybe I am fixing to make up for it.  Today, I am thankful that we serve a mighty God. And today I am thankful that brothers and sisters in Him can come together and do this......

They can fellowship.

The two pastors can laugh together.

They can greet each other in His name..

They can lift their voices together to praise Him..

This man can preach y'all!!!!

And we can come together to share His word.

I am thankful that we serve with a church body who is always seeking our Father's will.  And that our neighbor and sister church joined us today.

It was a blessing and just a glimpse of what is in store for us when we all get there to party with our "Daddy"!  I can't wait!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Counting Blessings day 11 (i think)

I know today's date is the eleventh.  However, my body feels like it might be the thirty second.  I know there aren't that many days in November.  Anyway, it is Friday.  And I am dog gone tired.  But there's no rest for the weary.  Right?  We are just fixing to get started good.  Got a busy weekend ahead.  But on this day, I am thankful for these two.........

They will want to hog tie me and lock me up for posting these.  But y'all they made me laugh tonight.  Well, they do that most days.  Then there are those days when they make me want to pull my hair out.  Mom's you know what I mean?

D was in the dressing room and every time some one went by the bell would ring. 
Plus mom trying to take a was more than he could stand.

And then there was this.  No it isn't his hat.  Just one he was trying on as the bell rang and mom tried taking a picture.  I am still laughing at the sight of these two.
They bring such joy to this mama's heart.  They just don't realize it.  And they certainly don't want to hear it. But they do.  It was a good day.  A good family night.  And they are my blessings.
Boys, your mama loves you!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Counting Blessings day 10

This week there's a group of bloggers in Ecuador.  I have been following them as they post each day.  I will have to honestly say that today, I am at a loss for words.  I know hard to believe.  It is so hard to comprehend what others are going through when we are so wrapped up in ourselves.  I have been moved by everyone of their posts.  I encourage you to click on either jonesbones5, a holy experience, or compassion buttons to the right of this page.  They can link you to the other blogger's that are on this trip.  Read their posts from this week.  I can promise they will make you stop and count your blessings.  Really quick.  And you will be surprised at how fast they add up. 

Today I am thankful that I have a job.  I have the health to get up and go.  But so thankful I can come home to a warm house.  With a roof.  Heat and air.  A washing machine and a dryer.  Floors that aren't dirt.  Healthy husband and boys. I am thankful that as time is flying by my boys are reaching milestones.  One got his class ring today.  Be still my heart and stop the tears.  Where in this world has the past seventeen years gone? 

I don't think that "Daddy" has lifted the picture of blessings yet.  He just keeps pouring them out.  May I praise Him well for what He has done for us!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Counting Blessings Day 9

Tonight, night nine of November and counting blessings, as temps are expected to drop into the low 30's, I am thankful for a warm bed with quilts that were quilted by mom and grandmothers.  I am also thankful for a bathtub of warm water. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Counting Blessings day 8


This months (in)spired deals are all about giving thanks. As I stated in an earlier post to me, this month is just preparing us for December.  Ephesians 5:4 says "Let there be thankfulness to God."  And that is just what we are doing.  Giving thanks to Him for is countless blessings.

I have this apron from  Now I have to say, if you don't already know, cooking is not my favorite past time.  But if I am gonna have to do it, I have decided I may as well have a cute apron.  You probably can't tell much about it but the top says ever blessed, ever grateful.  And believe me when I tell you it is so much cuter in person than in the picture.  I encourage all of you to go to this website to view all of their cute stuff.  Just click the link above.  It will take you there.

So as I thought about it on this Day eight of counting, I am thankful for the ability to cook.  Although I may not enjoy it I am thankful that I can and I know how.  With that, I am thankful for the electricity and appliances to do it.  I am thankful for the kitchen to do it in.  I am thankful that my floor isn't one made of dirt.  I am thankful for the table in which our family sits at each night for each meal, whether it be frozen pizza or a feast.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Counting blessings day 7

Today on this seventh day of November, the counting continues.  I am thankful for eyes to see the beauty around me.  It is "Daddy's" way of reminding me how blessed I am even though my heart may be heavy.  It is His way of showing me He is near and He does care. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Counting Blessing Day 6

On this day, day six, I am thankful for my church family.  I am thankful that I live in a country where I can go worship with people who feel the same as I do about our Father.  And for you ladies in Sunday School, well, you are the best.  You have all taken up a place in my heart that will never be moved or empty.  I have watched you grow in your relationship with our "Daddy".  "Daddy" uses you to encourage and challenge me.  You hold me accountable each week.  So on this day You are my blessing!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Counting blessings

Today I am thankful for this young man.  God always uses him just when I need it most.  We had a letter from him yesterday.  It is so simple yet so powerful.  Always makes me stop and think.  I have never met him face to face but one day I will and I will get to tell him what an impact he had on me.  So today this is my blessing.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Counting blessings

Today, I am thankful for the rest of my family.  That will include, my sister, brother, mother in law, sister in law and the rest of the in laws, the nieces and nephews.  Get us all together and it's more than two or three.  So that means when we gather God is in the midst.  (I have to smile).  I am also thankful for the roof over my head, shoes on my feet, food on the table (that I may or may not have cooked) and  the job that I have the privilege to go to each day. 

I know this is more than just one thing but when you get to counting it is hard to stop. Have a great Friday!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Count your blessings name them one by one

On November 1 there was a post on facebook challenging everyone to post at least one thing a day that they were thankful for.  I just kinda blew it off and didn't bother.  But today as I was cleaning up around the house that still small voice that I love to hear spoke.  I heard "Daddy" say why not post it on the blog each day.  Well, I pondered this and thought ok.  I realize that this is the third of November.  With that in mind I will list three things.  So bear with me.  

I am thankful that I know the man portrayed in the picture below.  I know Him more than just this image.  I can remember a picture very similar to this that hung in a classroom in the basement of my home church when I was little.   Sad thing is, this is as close as some people want to get to Him.  I am thankful that He was willing to die a cruel death for me.  I am thankful His blood covers me.

November 2...I am so thankful for the other three people in this picture.  My word, they are my life.  They are what I get up for each day.  They complete me.  They are who I am.  (and a side note, I am thankful for the time we spend where this photo is taken.  It is my home away from here.)

November 3....I am thankful for this lady pictured below.  She is my mama.  I am thankful for our family.  She and daddy gave us roots.  They taught us what is important.  They didn't just tell us to have faith.  They didn't just tell us about God.  They lived it in front of us and behind closed doors.  They gave us our inheritance and it is worth more than money.

November is a good month despite the changes in nature, which by the way, is beautiful, and the changes in the weather.  It calls us at least one day to look back, reflect and be thankful.  Which in my opinion, leads right up to December where it all began.  His birth.  Without it, we couldn't count our blessings and name them one by one.  I challenge you today to start counting and see how many you can come up with.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thought for today

Ladies in Sunday School class this is mainly for you because we have talked about it so much.  It is taken from "Jesus Calling".  I thought it might make you smile like it did me.  I really wanted to text it to y'all but well it is just a bit too long.  So here goes:

"Do not be discouraged by the difficulty of keeping your focus on Me.  I know that your heart's desire is to be aware of My Presence continually.  This is a lofty goal:  you aim toward it but never fully achieve it in this life.  Don't let feelings of failure weigh you down.  Instead, try to see yourself as I see you.  First of all, I am delighted by your deep desire to walk closely with Me through your life.  I am pleased each time you initiate communication with Me.  In addition, I notice the progress you have made since you first resolved to live in My Presence. 
When you realize that your mind has wandered away from Me, don't be alarmed or surprised.  You live in a world that has been rigged to distract you.  Each time you plow your way through the massive distractions to communicate with Me, you achieve a victory.  Rejoice in these tiny triumphs,  and they will increasingly light up your days."  Romans 8:33;  Hebrews 4:14-16

What do ya say girls?  Let's keep on plowing.  Daddy is proud when we do.