Monday, February 20, 2012


As we head into the end of February, it is days like we have had here today that make me think I can make it.  That spring is only days away now.  With the afternoon sun beaming in these windows I have a longing.

Yes, I grill.  I cheat when it comes to getting it going though.  And on days like today, why wouldn't you grill?

Bless him!  I think he's got the fever too.  This will be the first week in a long time that we haven't had somewhere else to go almost as soon as we come in.  I don't really know how excited he will be about having us here everynight now for a while.  I know, he's so good lookin isn't he?
I am trying to find myself asking God to open my eyes and empty hands.  Open eyes to see, open hands to recieve all the blessings He has waiting each day for me.  If only I will slow down to see and recieve.  Somedays that maybe too hard.  Too much.  But, I fully believe that is what He wants us to do.  Open eyes, Open hands.

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