Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break 2012

In trying to keep up with Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker, I made this.  The problem is I used a recipe from the Hershey's cookbook for the icing. Put it all together and we got trouble!!!  Big TROUBLE!   You see, tomorrow is the last day of spring break.  Maybe I am feeling a little depressed.  This past week has been what the doctor ordered except I didn't go to the doc.  It has just been nice and quiet.  No stress.  The boys and I spent the day together last Friday.  We did a little shopping for them, of course.  We spent Friday night celebrating our anniversary, where else, but a gym watching our boys.  But that was ok.  We were together.  Saturday we did the same.  Sunday we celebrated Easter.  Together.  Monday was spent with one of my besties, Starbucks, and shopping.  (For us of course)  The rest of the week has been spent, well, just being.  It has been quiet.  I've spent some time with just my thoughts and that is sometimes scary.  However, sometimes needed.  The phone hasn't rang.  I have remembered to turn the oven off.  I have remembered to unplug everything.  Yet this spring break has left me longing.  Longing for summer.  But I'll not rush it just yet.  I have learned my lesson in rushing tomorrow.  Only "Daddy" knows what tomorrow will hold.  Plus, once summer gets here, I will have a sophomore and a senior.  I'm not sure if I am ready for that. 
And I'm not sure that this one below is ready for summer either.  Spring break has just about wore him out. 
But for now I will go enjoy some chocolate cake!

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