Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day weekend.

It is with great pleasure that I tell you that the person on this jet ski is my husband.  This is what we did on Saturday.  I have wondered why you don't realize how stressed you are until the reason for the stress isn't there.  School is out.  Finally.  I was able to breath a little better.  I need to prepare you for the pictures you are about to view.  If you are a member of our church and are friends with me on face book, you have seen these already.  If not, well, they will speak for themselves.
This is D's sister.  My sister in law.  Partner in crime.  We are waiting patiently to head out.  But when you have a crew of fifteen it takes a while.  I hope you all have enjoyed the blog because after this, she will kill me. Ha! Ha!

Now there is alot to say about this.  Our boat became known as the "Holy" boat for a couple of reasons.  This picture explains one of them.  The other was because the preacher was the captain.  I know, we are a messed up bunch of people.  Now let me explain why we were just sitting ducks.  A lake trip with our bunch never goes without something tearing up.  It took three trips to get everyone into the water.  1) someone had to drop the kids & jet ski's.  2) someone had to drop the pontoon.  3) someone had to drop the "holy" boat.
The kids were 1st & we were 2nd.  By the time we got in the water the big boy had issues with his jet ski.  So we had to anchor out & wait.  Patience isn't one of my best virtues.  Any way, we are watching as they work on the jet ski. 

See what I mean?

Now we are in business.  Everyone had a turn to ride.  This is one of the nephews with one of his sons and one of the brother's soon to be step son.

Same nephew with the other two.  One son one soon to be step nephew.

This is the other nephew with his soon to be step son.  But you can already tell, he loves both of these boys like they were his and boy do those boys love him.  It doesn't matter at all to us.  They are family.

Well, there just aren't words for these next pictures other than this was all they have been able to talk about for weeks.

Well, they haven't really talked about him.

But this.

After a long day the preacher fixes some home made ice cream.

Notice the, well, I would say "tan" lines, but....notice the burn lines on the preacher.  I am soaking him with apple cider vinegar because someone said it would help.  In the mean time we were fussing about their ages.  I won!!!!  She is older than she thought. 

Here he is sitting with his ice cream. And let me tell you, it was good!

I just can't finish and not share this.  The lady getting on the jet ski with D is his brother in law's (the one on the pontoon)mother.  She is seventy nine.  Yes you read it right.  There is no type o's.  Seventy nine! People!

And here they are.  And no they did not go this slow the whole time.

See!  Racing the grandson & great grandkids.  Lord have mercy we laughed.  But I hope at sevety nine I can just still climb on the boat.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Prom, ramblings & so forth....

We did this last Saturday.  This is my favorite of him.  I find myself looking at it and wondering what has happened to the last eighteen years.

They do make a really cute couple if I do say so myself. 
I will say I took over five hundred shots of them and the group.  And no, I am not posting them on here.  I don't have time for the downloads.
And I couldn't find anything good or right about this.  As I said in my post on facebook, if I hadn't been so busy living in the moment I would have thrown up right there on that parking lot.  That was harder than seeing him drive out of the drive way for the first time. Alone.  But they were so excited.  Might I add that the driver of this thing didn't look old enough to be driving.  He didn't even have on a suit.  It was black jeans, a shirt, maybe a vest, I don't remember, and black converse.  Yea, maybe that was what had me.  He wasn't old and experienced.  They did make it back and they did have a good time. 

I realize my blogging or lack thereof, hasn't been the best or even the worst because there hasn't been that much of it.  I did post a while ago about a green slimy pit.  Seems like I have still been swimming in it.  Maybe I am just tired.  I know excuses, excuses.  But I am ready to be over "it" whatever "it" may be.  I do believe maybe I am heading down the right path again.  I know I am sure trying.  The preacher spoke last night about storms.  We aren't in one.  That I know of anyway.  But maybe I have just gotten caught up in some of satan's lies.   In case there are any men reading this, (which I highly doubt there are) there is so much thrown at women.  Can I get an Amen?  I know men are under alot as well, but look at the lies Satan throws out at women on a daily basis.  It is enough to make someone sick.  Might I add he doesn't exclude the children either.  It is so easy to believe him.  But why do we let him control us?  We have the victory already! 
Any way,  let me share the latest on T.  There have been several times when I have questioned if it is really worth it?  Is our monthly contribution really helping that much?  And just about every time I have asked the question Daddy has answered.  Because usually we have a letter from him.  But this time I got the biggest confirmation yet.  Now let me warn you, it probably won't mean anything to you because it isn't personal to you like it is me.  Yesterday when I got the mail, we had an envelope from Compassion.  On the outside it said you have an updated picture of your sponsored child.  This is what was inside.
I know you may not can see it very well, but to me the image on his shirt looks like a Cherry tree branch.  One with blossoms.  Well you see, my favorite fragrance from "Bath and Body works" is "Japanese Cherry Blossom".  This image on his shirt reminded me of the image on the bottles of lotion.  Needless to say what this did to me.  Especially after the week it has been.  I tried to explain this to D, but, well, you can imagine the looks and comments I got.  I told him maybe it is just a mama's heart that only sees this.  I know I am not this child's mother and I will probably never see him this side of heaven.  But it was Daddy's way of saying, keep on.  Yes, you are connected to him and yes, he needs you.

I am slowing coming to realize that 1)My kids are growing up.  Faster that I really want them to.  2)I am getting older.  3)God isn't finished.  4)  I have so much to be thankful for. 
God confirmed #4 today as well.  I was at the store and ran into some one who just looked like she was 12,000 years away.  And I told her that.  She tells me her daughter just called and told her that she had lost her job.  She also shared that this same daughter has a husband that isn't in good health at all.  Like terminal illness.  And this daughter was about to break because she worries about the husband so much. 
5)My family is healthy.
I don't know about y'all, but we have so much to be thankful for.  There are days when life just hurts.  But I know a healer.  There are days when satan will cast you the biggest lie of all.  But I know who holds the truth.  There are days when my strength is gone.  But I know a Strong Tower.  There are days when I feel defeated.  But I know the victory has been won.