Monday, June 25, 2012

All before noon

The alarm was blaring at four thirty this morning.  I had to have mom at the doc by seven.  I'm not sure but I don't think I have heard my alarm clock since the end of May.  I didn't like the sound of it.  Anyway, on my way to get her, I rounded a curve and my breath was taken away by this......
God's peaceful way of saying "Good Morning, I'm here."

As we are on our way, I stopped to get gas.  For whatever reason, I looked at the back of the vehicle I was driving and the tag that was on there yesterday, you know the thing you MUST have, was GONE!  Well being it was so early, the preacher wasn't up yet.  And in my house, no one, I MEAN NO ONE, can hear the phone ring.  So all I could do was pray all the way to the doc that I wouldn't see, or be pulled over by any type of law officer.  I mean I prayed all the way.  We reach our destination with answered prayers.  By the way, she knew none of this up until she reads this.  By the time she is called back for her procedure, I still haven't got in touch w/ D.  So I go to the vehicle and there in the back is the tag.  Another answered prayer.  So I pull it out and smack it on the back.  Mission one of the day accomplished.
Then as I wait for her this is what I see and hear.....

There were these two men.  By this time they are reading the "paper".  But let me tell you they have already covered a lot of territory.  They have discussed some motorized something, the weather, church, their preacher, racing.  So my mind really got to traveling.  How long had these men known each other?  Were they brothers?  Lifetime friends?  Or just someone doing something nice for the other?  They got on the subject of coffee.  There was coffee in the waiting room.  The one there for his procedure told the other, get you a cup.  He said no, I wouldn't do that to you.  I will be fine.  Again, how long????
Once they call me back to get mother, I was entertained again.  This time it was an elderly man who needed his assistant with him.  His mind was in years ago....He kept asking if his wife was there.  The lady that was there, apparently wasn't her.  I have no idea if "the wife" is still living or not.  It wasn't mentioned and believe me, I was listening.  He had a sweet quiet spirit about him and I thought to myself as I watched the nurse fix his hair, that is how love is suppose to be.  After all those years he still wanted her. 
Ok so we get to leave.  I got her home. 
Picked up my jeep.
Go to store.
Lose an earring.
See old neighbor.
Now, the last part, well, again, God was in it.  I have felt him nudging me for whatever reason to go.  But it hasn't been the right time.  Maybe he was preparing me for today.  I saw them both.  Him and her.  She was as always.  He was too.  He was more welcoming to the conversation than she.  I saw unhappiness.  Loneliness. Sadness.  He asked about the boys.  Told me to come see them.  He also told me "We aren't here for long.  Just passin through."  Reality check.
You see, in the past six years or so we have been on vacation this week.  But as God would have it, we are not this time.  Could be because of the appointments for today.  Could be because of  "Debbey" the tropical storm/hurricane whatever she is. Could be because of the meeting at the store.  I left the store with tears.  Tears of sadness, really.  Because of the reality of the morning.  We are all just passin through aren't we.  What we do with it is up to us.  I hope to praise well, love alot, laugh even more, worry less. Not sure how I am racking up on all of it.  But all of this before noon. So now as noon has passed, I think I will go out and enjoy some heat and sun and wait to see what the afternoon and evening will hold. 
Just as the sunrise from this morning until it sets tonight, My God is in control of it all.  Morning. Noon. Night.

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