Sunday, June 17, 2012

A double celebration & what I didn't know

Exactly eighteen years ago today, D got to lay eyes on his first born son.  He was elated.  Everyone out in the hall could hear him yelling it's a boy!  We only had one ultra sound and it was too soon to tell what our butter bean was.  D knew "it" was going to be a boy.  No girl name was ever discussed.  We had no back up plan. 
What I didn't know then was how fast eighteen years would go by.  Fast doesn't even describe it. 
I didn't know eighteen years ago that that nine pound one ounce bundle of pure joy would melt my heart the way he did. 
I didn't know eighteen years ago that that baby boy would turn out to be the fine young man he is.  All we have been able to do in the last eighteen years is pray really hard for God's hand to be on him and lead him..  He has.
I didn't know eighteen years ago that being a mama was so hard. 
We came home from the hospital on a Saturday.  Father's Day was Sunday.  I think I did really good giving D his first Father's Day gift! 
I didn't know that eighteen years ago that that baby boy would think his daddy hung the moon.  And he does.  If his dad says it then it has to be right.  By the way, I never hear him tell D "Dad, you worry too much." I on the other hand, well it is his famous line for me.
My heart is full as I type this.  Come August, we will start the beginning of another chapter.  He will be a senior.  I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.  Eighteen years ago, it felt like an eternity away.  Now it is here.  Eighteen!
Happy Eighteenth Son!

Eighteen years ago his world changed.  Eighteen years ago he became a dad.  Eighteen years ago, they placed that baby in his arms and he hasn't returned yet.  I don't think he ever will.  His boys are his world.  He will tell you that.  Everything he does, he does for them.  (and me)  He is the rock of this family.  Without him, we would all be nuts because I am sure the boys and I would drive each other to that place.  He is the steadfast peace maker. The anchor.  All because he knows he too, has an anchor. 
Happy Father's Day D!

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