Thursday, July 26, 2012

It takes a village

We have had Vacation Bible School this week.  The theme was Gone Fishin'.  Sometimes I wonder about the preacher.  There are times when he does things like this and I wonder if he will snap back or if he is gone for good.  (I smile)
The one in the gray was the director.  The other two were a part of the many who served our little one's their snacks each night.

I was locked up in the music room with that man behind me playing "Jesus loves me this I know" and "How great is our God".
I will have to say I don't think I have laughed as hard all summer except for one other time.  Those kids were hilarious.  That man was beside himself.  I think we are probably too much alike to be together in a small space for very long.

You can always count on these two to be there too.

She was also a big help with the snacks and clean up.

The youth helped out as well.  When you call for water games, count them in.

Ring leader for the games.  The biggest kid of our congregation.
This was a first for these two.  They taught the five year old class.  It was an experience they won't soon forget.

She is our head cook.  She plans the menus and assigns everyone what to bring.  VBS wouldn't be the same without her.

It is a miracle in itself that we all made it out alive.

I can't remember what age group they had.  But the name of the game was survival.  We had to all make it out alive.
She was helping her with her dirt. 
Music room again.  I am telling y'all it was hysterical in that room!
See even he is feeling it.  I know he was thinking what have we gotten into?
They thought they would be safe in the back of "the room".

I have no idea what she was doing or saying.  I was in "the room".  Remember?
I will go out on a limb and say she is helping with the crafts.  And let me tell you, our crafts are a production within themselves.  It takes half of the church to help there.
And at the end, soaking wet because he was in with the games, he strikes a pose.
Proverbs 22:6 says "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.". That is what VBS is about.  Training a child.  Teaching them about our God.  The one who loves us all.  If one child gets it, grabs hold of that truth, then it is all worth it. VBS is hard work.  I don't care if it is thirty children or three hundred.  And most of the time it is the adults who get the biggest blessing.

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