Saturday, July 14, 2012

Planning and packing

Well, let me just say I had this post just about done.  And evidently Satan doesn't want it published.  Some how it was deleted.  As I typed my fingers off.  So let me try again.

As I try to put up this rainy week and rainy Saturday I was reminded of what I was doing this time two weeks ago and I was reminded of what I was doing this time last week.  The preacher is good like that.  Both Saturday's I was packing.  Two weeks ago the suburban was packed and waiting for Sunday dawn.  Last week the suburban was packed and waiting for Sunday morning.  On one of  our trips up we shared the elevator with a gentleman and his son, they too were leaving to go home Sunday.  He said, "I told them we should have come next week.  That way we would just be getting here."  I feel the same way.  If you know me at all, you know that the beach just does something to me.  I sigh....
Anyway, as I was reading some post on facebook some friends are just getting to the beach, some are coming home, some are going.  Everyone is trying to get it in before the kiddo's head back to school.  Everyone is planning and packing to go somewhere.  But what about the planning for that eternal trip?  We all know there will be no need for packing, but what about the preparations?  I know I have been found guilty, many times, of putting my relationship with my Father on the back burner (as my mama would say).  But haven't we all done that at one time or another?  I get so tired of Satan using the world and all the shiny bling to distract me.  But when it comes right down to it, it is my own dead blame fault. 
So I just really have to ask you, have you got your reservations made?  Have you confirmed them?  Are the plans finalized?  Again, there will be no need for packing.  I am all for taking a vacation to the beach, lake, mountains where ever your family enjoys going.  I am all for making memories.  But what good will they be if you haven't made plans for an eternity?  There is only two destinations to choose from.

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