Monday, July 30, 2012

Waiting on......

As I type this, it is Friday morning.  Right at eleven o'clock a.m.  We are waiting.  The boys are on pins and needles.  We are trying to get to the lake one last time before school starts.  But getting this group ready under the circumstances of the week, well let's just say, we might should have waited another week.  But anyway.  We are waiting for the call to say let's head out.  In the meantime, they are about to drive us all crazy. 

See, even he is waiting patiently.

Jetski's are waiting.

Drinks are waiting.
As I waited I heard music.  Country at that.  Songs that put you in a "lake" state of mind. 
Funny what music will do to you.
 As I waited, thoughts flew around in my mind.  Aren't we always waiting on something?  We are waiting for the end of the work day whether it is three o'clock, four, or five.  We wait for Friday.  We wait for the weekend.  We wait for pay day.  We wait for vacation.  We wait for test results.  We wait for doctors.  We wait for phone calls.  We wait for the end of school and summer to begin again. Some are waiting to be sixteen.  Then on to eighteen.  Some are waiting to get married. Some are waiting for graduation.   Some wait for Sunday.  Some wait for the Sunday service to be over.  We are always waiting. 

Now here it is Monday.  We finally made it to the lake and back.  We made it to church yesterday.  And in our lesson this line was read but how true it is,  "We were fashioned for God and were designed to seek Him."  But in all the waiting we do, how often do we seek Him? During all the waiting how often do we wait for God?  How often do we look for Him in the waiting?  Are we waiting as anxiously for His return or His calling us home, as much as we wait for everything else?  I would have to say my answer is no.  I get so caught up in living that I miss that part.  I miss out on a lot.  Just this morning I went with the oldest to have his senior pictures made for the year book.  You know the one's.  Him in a tuxedo jacket and tie.  The one that will appear in the Class of 2013 composite that will hang in the hall of the high school.  The one that will appear in the local newspapers in May?  I made the statement that I was oblivious to it happening.  I was wondering how it happened so fast?  You see eighteen years ago today, he was barley a month old.  Eighteen was so far away.  I didn't rush him to sit by himself or old his bottle.  I was busy in the moment.  Trying to absorb it all.  I am guilty as everything in doing that.  So busy that I have often missed out on seeking God.  What I was designed to do.  So in all the running and waiting that goes on I have to wonder what have I missed out on?  What did God do while I was busy impatiently waiting on something else? 
Oh don't get me wrong, I have seen His fingerprints in many situations, but, would I have seen them sooner if I had been looking closer rather than just waiting?  So the lesson learned in the waiting is this, don't just sit and wait.  In the midst of all the waiting we do, seek.  Search.  Listen.  He is in the waiting.  And if we busy ourselves looking and searching and listening, the wait may not be so long. 

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