Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy Birthday you two!

She came first.  Less than thirty years ago.  She was my first girl.  In fact the only girl.  She has no idea how much she rocked my world and how much I love her.  I was just a teenager then.  I could not get enough of her. But life happened.  I got married.  She started school.  I had babies. She loved on them.  And would still do it if they weren't such big boys. (I smile)  She is having a birthday today.  I won't say how old she is.  But I will say, she has turned out to be an outstanding young lady that loves the Lord with all of her heart.  She is quiet spoken.  But she has a lot to say when she speaks.  However, when we are together all we have to do is look at each other and it is over.  We just laugh.  I can't imagine this world with out her sweet spirit and smile.  I love you to the moon and back and I always will favorite niece of mine. 

And then there is this young man.  He too is having a birthday today.  Two very special people in my life.  One here, the other miles away.  I haven't been able to get him off of my mind today.  I hope it has been a good day for him.  I am writing him a letter as soon as this post is done.  He will be out of the program next year. But there won't be a day to go by that I don't think of him.  He too, has rocked my world in ways he doesn't know.  In ways I can't explain.  In ways I myself don't understand.  I thank God for both of these people and for using them for His glory. 

Happy Birthday you two.  This partyin' preacher's wife loves you both.

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