Saturday, September 8, 2012

On saying good bye.....

It has been a beautiful day in our neck of the woods today.  It has felt like fall.  Which, by my outlook, isn't good.  I can do fall ok, it is what comes after fall that gets me and leaves me with a deep longing for the place in the above photo. 
With the fall feeling temps like we have had today, it makes me realize we must say goodbye to what has been.  Summer. 
But not before we go down memory lane.  I realized today that I never shared some of our best moments of the summer with you. 
I hope you are so blessed by what you are about to see and realize that maybe you and your family are normal.  Sometimes, I wonder about ours.

As I recall the night of this picture, it brings a big smile and I remember how bad I hurt from laughing so hard.  (the preacher just asked what I was doing, and I said working on a post.  He walked up and said of that?)  Yes, of this. 

Then there is the serious child.  Some of these were on face book.  If you were exposed to these then, just bear with me.

Yes church family, this is your pastor.  Again, this was the same night of the other picture.  Again, I laughed.  Extremely hard. 

This was the moon on the forth of July.   We were sitting on the beach watching the firework shows, but Daddy was showing off the most beautiful display of all.  I couldn't watch the fireworks for looking at the moon. 

This was a storm that passed through one morning.  Again, another one of Daddy's masterpieces.

Again, our clown.  If you know us, you know who he is.

And then there was a visit from this sweet thing.  He loved my jeep.  And I loved letting him ride and play in it. 

And let us not forget our "holy boat".  We no longer have it.  I am not sure why.  Maybe because someone wanted to buy it thinking they could make it look this good or just because the preacher was, well, I don't know. 
Any way, that is only some of the fun we have had this summer.  I hate to see it come to an end.  God was faithful through it just like He always is.  Just like I know He will be during the fall and winter.  Spring time too.  But until then I will soon have to officially bid Summer of 2012 farewell and say good bye.  Thank you for being so good. 

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