Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I am still here. 
I am never really sure how or where to begin a post.  I guess I should start by saying that I have been in a "season".  It almost feels like a dry season.  And, at the same time a new season.  It has been 26 weeks which totals out to be 182 days since we lost Sampson.  It has been just a few days less than that that this face has been with us.
He is still finding his way here.  We are still tolerating each other.  But this is what I found this morning....
I was getting myself ready for the day and almost stepped on him.  I have not insisted that he be with me every step.  He is beginning to though.  As I sat to start this post, this is what happened....
He is finding his way and place.  He is full of personality and mischief.  More days than none he acts like a nut!  Fits right in doesn't he?
Since my last post we have done so much.  First we did this....
We reached a milestone.  Thirteen years in the making, we made it.  Hence, the new season.
We also took our usual trip south.  It was too quick though. 
We have also done some of this...

And then there is this....
Now this may not mean anything to you, but the week of the fourth, we were at the lake.  The little folks in the family, with the help of the one's here, decided they were just going to paint themselves a ball field.  So, they did.  It was one of the little one's who painted this first base line.  It isn't straight.  It isn't perfect.  But it worked. 
I couldn't help but look at it again this morning and think it is just like us.  We are not perfect.  And it is so hard to walk the straight and narrow road.  But we work and we try.  We may even veer off the road completely.  But He is always waiting for us to come back. 
As I type, the rain has begun.  Again.  (this has been the most unusual July)  I have one more day left of this summer break.  It has been like a vapor.  Gone way too fast. 
There is still so many "new" things here.  But of this I am sure.... I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future.  He's already there.  He has walked this road.  This season.  And He has walked your road too.  He is already there.

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