Friday, September 20, 2013

Talk about perspective!

There are no cute pictures for this post.  Just two big slaps in the face.  So to speak.  I have had the thought that this weekend is the weekend that fall will officially arrive.  On the calender anyway.  And I have had the thought that I will enter it kicking and screaming. 

I was sharing with a co-worker earlier this week that I had been making notes and trying to find the good things that fall and winter bring.  She said with a big smile on her face "Jesus' Birthday!".  And I said yes. Good point.  I will add it to my list.

But then there was this little girl.  Less than thirty minutes ago.  As I was preparing to leave, I was walking down the hall.  (you co workers reading will know who I am talking about) We met.  And as usual she had a big smile on her face.  I asked if she had had a good day and her reply was yea!  Then, the adult with her said, "As Always."  I thought as I walked away,  And that is the way it should be.  But instead we (I) focus on the ba hum bug of it.  You see, this child is a "special" little girl.  But she wears a big, huge, smile.  Always.  Despite the day.  Despite the season.  I hardly ever see her with out her smile. 

So, talk about perspective.  This afternoon as the rain sets in and fall arrives Sunday, I won't enter it kicking and screaming.  I will embrace it.  It will be the beginning of a new season.  One in which I have no idea what it will hold, but I know who holds it.  It will bring a time of Thanksgiving.  But shouldn't today be a day of Thanksgiving too?  It will bring nice temps and beautiful colors.  It will bring the chance to wear leggings and boots and long sleeves and scarves.   And then we will get to celebrate the best of it all.  A Saviors birthday!

So now, I will go fix a pot of coffee.  I may even get the house cleaned.  I may just go all out and find me some kind of cinnamon spice something to burn in the house.  Because fall is coming and it is a good day!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The problem with the mess

Let me first start by saying that this may or may not be the beginning...
As some of you may know, (as weird as it may sound)  God often used Sampson to speak to me.  NO, Sampson didn't open his mouth like the donkey, but, none the less...
This lil creature pictured above, well, I can't say anything about him other than he is a mess and already showing signs of being OCD & spoiled.
He likes things the way he likes things.  Very much like me.  Maybe even you.  We like things the way we like them.  Right?

This is just one room of the house.  On any given day, you can walk in to our home and find the likes of this.  From the door you walk in, all through the house. There are toys or old shoes usually everywhere. So, I thought why not get something done about it??? Clean it up.  Have a spot just for his stuff like we did Samps?  Made perfect sense.  Until I did this.....
I purchased a cute little basket.  A small dog doesn't need a big basket.  Now the house is picked up.  Toys are in order.  Everything is ok.  In my mind anyway.  Now, he sits at the basket and barks!!!!!
So as I have thought about this issue, I have heard God say, "Just like humans."  They make such a mess of their life.  He can and wants to clean it up. Sometimes they even let Him try for just a short while.  Seems they are happier to have stuff strewn everywhere.
Why is that?
Looks like we would get tired of the mess.  Or at least get tired of the barking and wanting things the way we want them. 
Have you ever noticed though, how much easier it is when we allow Him to clean up the mess? 
Do you have a mess today?  Why don't you let Him clean it up?  He can and will but only if you don't sit by and bark the whole time!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Small reminders

As I looked east this morning before pulling out of the driveway, this was my view.  I had to stop.  No, there wasn't a car coming.  I had to capture it. It was the sky.  The cloud.  The light.  And in that moment so many thoughts came. The first was a collection of scripture that speaks of our Lord coming from the eastern sky.  On a cloud.  I mean, I can't imagine sitting in my jeep, looking for traffic, glancing at the sky, and seeing Jesus!  Coming for me!   Can you?  That would be one way to start a Wednesday!  Another was how awesome my God is.  To use something as small as this to speak volumes to me.  And the list goes on.  It wasn't long after that, that I hooked up the phone to let Whitney Houston sing "I love the Lord".  So needless to say, I drove to work with tears streaming as I worshiped.  So see, I don't just do that on my pew in church.  I had already been moved to tears before I ever left the house.  And He worked on me all day.   And I have felt Him all day!
I know if you were traveling this way this morning, you probably saw it too.  But I felt Him say, see, I do love you.  I haven't forgotten.  And you are the apple of my eye.  You are my favorite.  But the thing of it is, He feels the same about you. 
I am just thankful that He reminded me today. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dear Summer 2013

Dear 2013 Summer,
I just wanted to take the time to thank you.... Thank you for letting God use you.  You were just almost next to perfect.  You weren't just too hot.  You did have some rain and cloudy days, but on those sunshiny days, you were just almost perfect.  You will forever hold memories.   I know you are not officially gone.  You still have about 21 more days with us.  But my internal clock says you are gone.  Oh, the young one here says so too.  As we were packing up to leave the lake house, he said that's it for this summer.  He was right.  You won't be back. 
You were the first summer with out Sampson, but the first summer with Silas.
You were the first summer with out a week at the beach, but the first summer at the lake house.
You were the first summer after graduation, and the summer of junior year.
Oh, and you were the only summer I can remember July 4 being chilly.  Like flannel shirt and jacket to watch fireworks, chilly.  But we endured and made those memories with you.
You were also the summer of nineteen and sixteen. See, more to remember you by.
As Silas and I came home from the lake this afternoon, I felt a bit sad.  You just went by too fast.  But life seems to be moving that way too.  The time has come now for us to wait for the leaves to change, for the temps to drop, for knee boots and jeans.  Football and bonfires.  And then old man winter.  2013 summer, I just want you to know I hate to see you leave.  I'd like to hang on to you for a while longer.  But I know I will visit.  I will look back at the memories we made with you and smile.  Because you, my friend, were wonderful!