Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dear Summer 2013

Dear 2013 Summer,
I just wanted to take the time to thank you.... Thank you for letting God use you.  You were just almost next to perfect.  You weren't just too hot.  You did have some rain and cloudy days, but on those sunshiny days, you were just almost perfect.  You will forever hold memories.   I know you are not officially gone.  You still have about 21 more days with us.  But my internal clock says you are gone.  Oh, the young one here says so too.  As we were packing up to leave the lake house, he said that's it for this summer.  He was right.  You won't be back. 
You were the first summer with out Sampson, but the first summer with Silas.
You were the first summer with out a week at the beach, but the first summer at the lake house.
You were the first summer after graduation, and the summer of junior year.
Oh, and you were the only summer I can remember July 4 being chilly.  Like flannel shirt and jacket to watch fireworks, chilly.  But we endured and made those memories with you.
You were also the summer of nineteen and sixteen. See, more to remember you by.
As Silas and I came home from the lake this afternoon, I felt a bit sad.  You just went by too fast.  But life seems to be moving that way too.  The time has come now for us to wait for the leaves to change, for the temps to drop, for knee boots and jeans.  Football and bonfires.  And then old man winter.  2013 summer, I just want you to know I hate to see you leave.  I'd like to hang on to you for a while longer.  But I know I will visit.  I will look back at the memories we made with you and smile.  Because you, my friend, were wonderful!

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