Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Small reminders

As I looked east this morning before pulling out of the driveway, this was my view.  I had to stop.  No, there wasn't a car coming.  I had to capture it. It was the sky.  The cloud.  The light.  And in that moment so many thoughts came. The first was a collection of scripture that speaks of our Lord coming from the eastern sky.  On a cloud.  I mean, I can't imagine sitting in my jeep, looking for traffic, glancing at the sky, and seeing Jesus!  Coming for me!   Can you?  That would be one way to start a Wednesday!  Another was how awesome my God is.  To use something as small as this to speak volumes to me.  And the list goes on.  It wasn't long after that, that I hooked up the phone to let Whitney Houston sing "I love the Lord".  So needless to say, I drove to work with tears streaming as I worshiped.  So see, I don't just do that on my pew in church.  I had already been moved to tears before I ever left the house.  And He worked on me all day.   And I have felt Him all day!
I know if you were traveling this way this morning, you probably saw it too.  But I felt Him say, see, I do love you.  I haven't forgotten.  And you are the apple of my eye.  You are my favorite.  But the thing of it is, He feels the same about you. 
I am just thankful that He reminded me today. 

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