Sunday, September 15, 2013

The problem with the mess

Let me first start by saying that this may or may not be the beginning...
As some of you may know, (as weird as it may sound)  God often used Sampson to speak to me.  NO, Sampson didn't open his mouth like the donkey, but, none the less...
This lil creature pictured above, well, I can't say anything about him other than he is a mess and already showing signs of being OCD & spoiled.
He likes things the way he likes things.  Very much like me.  Maybe even you.  We like things the way we like them.  Right?

This is just one room of the house.  On any given day, you can walk in to our home and find the likes of this.  From the door you walk in, all through the house. There are toys or old shoes usually everywhere. So, I thought why not get something done about it??? Clean it up.  Have a spot just for his stuff like we did Samps?  Made perfect sense.  Until I did this.....
I purchased a cute little basket.  A small dog doesn't need a big basket.  Now the house is picked up.  Toys are in order.  Everything is ok.  In my mind anyway.  Now, he sits at the basket and barks!!!!!
So as I have thought about this issue, I have heard God say, "Just like humans."  They make such a mess of their life.  He can and wants to clean it up. Sometimes they even let Him try for just a short while.  Seems they are happier to have stuff strewn everywhere.
Why is that?
Looks like we would get tired of the mess.  Or at least get tired of the barking and wanting things the way we want them. 
Have you ever noticed though, how much easier it is when we allow Him to clean up the mess? 
Do you have a mess today?  Why don't you let Him clean it up?  He can and will but only if you don't sit by and bark the whole time!

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