Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Let's review

2013, you started off wrong. You started off mean. You started off hard. We said farewell to a couple of things.  First, basketball. 
Then Sampson.  You made me wonder if I was even going to like you.
By the end of the first month, we had said hello to this wild thing...
By the time the fourth month rolled around we had another driver.
The level of stress had increased just a bit.
By the time June rolled around we had a high school graduate.
So to celebrate, relax & enjoy, we did a little of this....
July 4th came like none we have ever had.  A ball field was spray painted.  Bottle rockets were fired.  We wore flannel shirts and coats to watch the fireworks that night. 

October brought in family, with a photo shoot involving a mud hole & farm equipment. 

And then November.  A trip and a ring

I have no idea what 2014 will bring.  But I do know with the Lord guiding and this man by my side, it will all be alright.

God always sends a reminder of His promises.  Look closely and you can see the cardinal.  Just a small family treasure.  One that came when I needed it. 
And now here we are. 2013, you may not have started well, but  here we are at the end of you.
You had your painful moments.  You had your mountain tops.
But you did not have one moment that our Lord wasn't a part of.  He worked all things together for His good.  And He saw us through to the threshold of 2014.
  And as Lucy tells Charlie Brown "It's gonna be great Chuck!"

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