Saturday, February 22, 2014

It has happened....

What a beautiful day!  Sun is shining.  Temperatures are going to be mid to upper 60's.  Makes my heart very happy.  And my body feel even better.
If you have read any of my post you know God often used Sampson to speak to me.
Well today...I just happened to look down at Silas & heard this:  "Just like you.  Just like most Christians."  "You only want to get so close."
Do you see how close Silas is to the sunlight?  But do you see where he is lying? Isn't that what we do?  We want to be near, but not near enough.  Moses walked up to the burning bush & got close enough that God told him to take his sandals off.  But I/we don't want to get close enough to do that.  It might cost us something.  It might hurt.  But oh how good it feels when we do.  Look at what happened next:
Smack in the middle of it.  There's your challenge. Get right up next to our Father.  Bask in His light & presence & see how much better you feel.

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