Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Mother's Day

I've pondered the question as to what makes a "good" mother quite often.  I don't have any answers. I once saw a comment that stated "I'm the proverbs 32 woman."  Yep. I know the feeling.  I will be the first to admit, I have no expert advice to give anyone on the subject.  I just know what worked for me.  I won't ever forget the feeling of wondering if I was really pregnant, or the feeling I had as I watched those lines show up on that test. I still remember the phone call to the doc to make an appointment.  And then how we told everyone.  As the lines appeared on that test it was never a question, I loved that baby.  I loved him before he ever was.  We had no idea he was a boy until he made his appearance.  He is so different from his brother.  And likewise the younger one.  I can look back & recall so much of their childhood.  Comments. Mannerisms. Sleep patterns.  Sweet innocent baby boys.  I laugh now.  I will say to you young mama's out there who struggle with whether or not to let those babies sleep in the bed with you..... If you allow it, it won't last forever.  They do grow up.  FAST. And they aren't messed up because they slept in the bed with you.   For those of you who have a daily battle of what clothes to put on them..... Let them wear what makes them happy.  Appearance at 3 or 4 isn't everything.  My thoughts were this....He's clean & happy.  Choose your battles.  Dressing them wasn't a battle I cared to fight.  We look back at old pictures  now & they ask why am I dressed like that?  My answer...because you wanted to wear it.  Don't freak out if your baby isn't potty trained by the time he/she turns two.  They won't wear diapers forever. I promise.   I guess what I am trying to say is let them be little.  Let them be happy. Don't pressure them to grow up.  This world makes them do that quick enough.  Once they reach a certain point in this life, it is mean.  And decisions are upon them.  Decisions that aren't so fun to make.

My roots were established in an old house on a hill.  I stayed with my grandmother in the summer. She was a Godly lady.  A prayer warrior.  A servant of God.  An angel on this earth.  I saw her Bible out on that table many, many times.  I saw her hands folded in prayer many, many times.  She raised my mama & her siblings.  God was present in that home.  She laid the foundation for my mama.  My mama passed it on.  Godly.  Prayer warrior.  Servant.  An angel on this earth.  If I can do half as good as they did, I think I will be ok.  And maybe one day, these two rough boys, will look back & say some, (not all) of these things about me. 

I am so thankful that God entrusted two healthy boys to me.  So thankful that they started out calling me mama.  Then it turned to mom.  And now, some days it's just hey.  But He entrusted them to me.  They aren't all mine.  They are His.  Just on loan. He just let me borrow them.  And I am ok with that.  They both have brought so much of everything to my life.  And although it is Mother's Day & we all tell our mother how much we love her & we thank her, I will first & foremost thank my heavenly Father for letting me be one.

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