Monday, May 12, 2014

Women's Conference: "Finding Acceptance in the midst of sifting"

I am so out of my box with this, yet so excited to be sharing it with you.  For sometime now, God has laid on me,  the idea of our church hosting a Ladies conference.  For once in my life I didn't act immediately.  I have waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I have prayed.  And Prayed.  And prayed some more.  Finally, it was all revealed.  The scripture.  The theme.  The speaker.  And I can hardly stand to wait.  When God revealed the scripture to me, He also gave me three names.  Names of some sweet women that I know on a personal level.  So I started with one.  I told her I had something to run by her.  I wanted her to pray about it & think about it & get back with me.  I shared the idea & she immediately said yes.  Without hesitation.  I asked the second & the third.  They both had the same reply.  Same goes for the ladies that will be leading the music.  Yes!  A song has been dropped in my lap as well.  It has all come together so quickly & perfectly.  It can't be anything other than God.  I believe with everything in me that there will be some women in that sanctuary that have had some hurts.  That have had some struggles.  That have overcome some odds.  There will be women there that need to hear what will be shared.  I have been very hesitant to give the names of these sweet friends of mine, but we all stand in need of prayer for that day.  That God will use them.  Speak through them.  And that those there will be blessed.  It is a first for all of us involved.  They have never done this before.  These three speaking, the two leading in music & me with the final message.  We are ALL out of our box, but willing to do what God is saying.  So without further Ado... Here ya go....

July 26, 2014
Laneview Baptist Church
9:30-2:00 (?) give or take
Free lunch served

Sharing their testimonies:
Natalie Farrar
Joy Cooper
Kelly Croom

Tori Abbott
Kellie Duke

There is no doubt about it, God will be there.  He will move. 
If you, or any ladies from your church want to attend, please message me on facebook.  If you are close enough to me & have my number feel free to call.  It is gonna be great!!!!! We will need a count of those who plan to attend in order to how much to fix for lunch. 
If you can't come, please be in prayer. 
To God be the glory for it all. 

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