Saturday, June 7, 2014

Be careful what you say

We were at the lake Memorial Day weekend.  Now let me just tell you the view from our front porch isn't much.  It would be nice if it were on the lake where I could sit & watch the boats.  Or just see the water.  But it isn't.  Instead it faces an empty pasture.  Silas & I sat on the porch quite a bit that weekend.  I read.  He napped or tried to see what all was going on (which wasn't much)  (especially since they put a ban on all the golf carts in the neighborhood sucking the fun out of anything!).  At some point though, there were kids riding a golf cart in the empty pasture.  D came in after a while & I said "You know, this view would be a little more entertaining if there were some horses over there to watch."  His reply was, a roll of the eyes & a shake of his head. 

Fast forward to yesterday.   D needed to go to the lake to try out his boat.  So the young one, Silas & I went along for the ride.  Plus I had the clean laundry to take back.  Anyway, much to my surprise guess what is there now.....

Yep.  Horses.  Two of them.

And I don't know, there was just something about the bobbed wire fence....
Brought back some memories.
 Now I know that my request to D was just a comment.  Not a real big desire to have horses in the pasture.  Is it a coincidence that there are horses there now?  Maybe.  But, here's the thing, the comment was just a blab of my brain (like a lot of things I say.  No filter), but, if, IF, God cares about the blabs of the brain, then those big matters of the heart are even more dear to Him.  He cares about the lilies of the field.  Remember, He loved us so much to send His Son to die for us.  Not the lilies.  Not the birds.  Us.  And if He so desires to put horses in a field just so Silas & I can watch for entertainment purposes a couple of times this summer, then I know He cares about my big "stuff".  And just for the record, I won't be surprised if the horses are gone the next time I am there.  They were probably just a reminder.

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