Monday, June 9, 2014

This dog & the Driver's seat

Lord y'all.  This dog! 
If you know me, you know this story & how it came to be.  If you don't, well, I will spare you the details. This is our second summer together.  It's a work in progress.  I'm pleased to say we are learning each other quite well. 
He loves to ride.  He loves to go.  He's very particular where he rides though.  If D & I are together, he is most likely on the console.  Or in D's lap.  (There's a picture for ya)
If it is just the two of us, (hardly ever) he's in my lap. (Reason why he is hardly ever with me.)
Anyway, as I said in my recent post, he took the trip to the lake with us.  We had to make a stop on the way & I'm tellin ya, he don't miss a thing.  I really think he has a disorder of some sort.  Or maybe he suffers from the December baby effect.  So there is a warning to all you folks expecting babies in December.  I've said that is why we collide so much.  We are probably too much alike.  Anyway, he won't lay in the passenger seat because he can't see. At this point we had stopped to get tires.  Yes tires.  For a truck.  (That is a post that probably won't happen.) He was so busy. Bouncing & watching.
He also loves to ride with his head hanging out the window.  But in this shot, we were sitting still.  There was construction going on next to the tire shop.  Pandemonium set in.  But he finally stilled & paid attention.

Please don't let the cuteness fool ya. 

He's a mess!

In fact, I think he's a nut!

This last one was on the front porch at the lake.  Watching the horses.  He wasn't sure about them. 
As I type this, it is Saturday morning.  The morning after the said trip to the lake.  He's laying in the bed.  Snoring....
He cracks me up though.  He has these little beds.  They are actually liners for the kennels.  (which we don't have)  Another area where I see similarities of being a December baby.  He would go nuts if we put him in one of those.  Anyway, he will drag one of the beds through the house when he is ready for bed.  Last Sunday morning one of the "beds" was on the couch.  I asked D why.  His reply was "he wanted it up here."  Rotten dog.
As he bounced from seat to seat I couldn't help but hear "that Voice" say "he's so eager to learn & see."  "Why can't you be that eager?"  So I have found myself pondering why am I (or we as Christians) not very eager to learn & see? I mean, if you stop & think about it, how often do you get excited enough to bounce from seat to seat just so you can see what is going on?  To see what God is up to?  And I've learned that He is always up to something.  I've also learned I need to be where I can see.  The only way I can do that, is to get myself on the console next to Him or just plant myself in His lap.  After all, He is the driver & apparently the view is better in the Driver's seat.

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