Thursday, August 28, 2014

The man. The bus driver. The husband. Who was he?

Have you ever felt like this?  Just worn out?  So tired.   Let me explain what had happened before this photo was taken.  Let's just say we had an unexpected guest with us today.  A 14-16 month old little girl.  He didn't get his morning nap.  She finally fell asleep and so did he.  When I turned around & saw this I was taken back to Memphis.  Have I mentioned that yet?  That I went to Memphis this past Friday & Saturday?  I know I did.  I didn't see that many men in the place Friday night.  Not to say there weren't some there.  I just didn't see that many.  It isn't unusual to see no men.  It is a "women's conference" so why would men be there?  But Saturday morning brought a different spin.  I am a people watcher and I have a very active imagination. Once we had gotten in our seats and the event was about to begin, a man came to the row in front of us.  He didn't sit on the end.  He had to climb across four women to get to his seat.  I wondered about him but just thought he is with his wife.  How sweet.  I didn't focus on it at all.  I participated in worship.  I listened intently to what Beth Moore was saying.  I listened intently to what God was saying.  When it was time, we stood again, had prayer. A time of worship and then a break.  As folks were stretching & moving around I heard one of the ladies say to the man "We need to go get so and so & get her down there & pray over her."  He replied, "She said she was in the van."  I thought "What? In the van?  It's 200 degrees outside.  Why would anyone be in a van??"  So my mind began to wonder.  "Who is this man?  Is he their preacher? A bus driver?  The husband to one of these ladies?  WHO? IS? THIS? MAN?"  Some time went by & I finally asked one of the little "older" ladies "Who is the man with y'all?  Is he your pastor?  Your bus driver?  A husband to one of you?"  Her reply was this:  "Yes. He is our bus driver & the husband to one of the ladies with us.  But she's an addict & we can't keep up with her.  He is a new Christian of about five months."  What???  I was done.  We talked a little bit.  She told me where they were from.  What the couple's names were.  But the mind blowing thing to me was this:  The man looked to be in his late 40's early 50's.  He was IN this conference.  Not only was he in, he participated.  I know.  I watched him!  (not like stalk watched but watched)  This man was a babe in Christ.  A five month babe at that.  He gave up his Friday & Saturday.  To drive women! To a women's conference.  He participated in it! 
I know you are wondering how the dog made me think about Memphis.  Well how are you holding up?  Where's our joy & our fire??? If you are like me, you may have been a Christian a long time.  Well, if you have been a Christian a long time shouldn't we be a whole lot closer than what we are?  We've known Him longer.  This man was new!  So if we have known Christ a while shouldn't we be more in love with Him now than then?  But are we????? 
I don't know.  I just have had that couple on my mind & heart since the moment that little lady told me this.  And I am thinking God bless that man.  He had a choice and he chose to serve.  One of the songs that was sang was "There is power in the name of Jesus. To break every chain."  I am praying for this couple.  I am standing in the gap for them.  That God will break the chains that bind them.  And the next time there is a conference & her husband is the driver, she will walk with her head held high & sit with him in that place and let the Spirit of God wash over them both.  I hope you will join me in praying for them.  It doesn't matter what their name is.  They have been brought to your attention.  Imagine that being you.  Wouldn't you want to know someone was standing in the gap for you & yours? 
I know this may have been some heavy stuff to read so to lighten it up a bit, this was a small portion of what the dog had to deal with.   She was pulling both his beds down the hall.  He got very little rest. 


Tuesday, August 26, 2014


With all the changes going on here in life, I thought why not change the look of the blog.  Give her a makeover.  So at this point you can let me know what you think.  You can click the comment tab & post a comment or you can leave a comment on facebook.  Is it easier to read this way?  Or did you like the other way better?  I hope you say this way.  I don't know if I can figure out how to get back to point A.  Either way she needs an update.  But then again, don't we all.  There comes a point in life where we just need to have a make over.  Get the roots done.  Paint.  Whatever.  Change also applies to life.  So how's yours going?  Life that is.  Are you in need of a change?  Are you feeling good?  Empty? Stressed?  I won't preach in this post though. 

I do want to share with you some of the things that I heard this past weekend, but I can't just yet.  I'm still processing it all.  Let me just say I met with the Father & He met with me.  I now feel refreshed & renewed.  Maybe even a bit more on fire.  Don't be afraid of that comment.  I will try to refrain just a little bit. 

Ok so are you ready to tell me what you think??? Ready? Set.  Go!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Prayer life & computers. How's yours?

Ok.  I have no shame.  And yes, that is my BIG foot you see.  I own it.  It all began last Tuesday when I found out a nice person sent my mother a message on her computer to say she had problems & call the number immediately.  So she did.  That nice person wanted to help her fix her computer.  And you know where this story is going don't you?  You think I got the spot on my knee from praying over the computer & situation.  If that is what you think I will burst your bubble now.  You are wrong.  I got the computer to our really nice computer guru here.  He ran scans & whatever other miracle he does.  Computer is now ready to go again. 

Close to nine months ago now, I purchased a ticket to attend Beth Moore's Living Proof Live event in Memphis this past weekend.  The time has come.  It is Friday morning.  The computer is ready and so am I.  I go to the lot to get the computer so I can take it to mom. I know this will make her happy.  She will have her beloved back for the weekend.

Now, let me paint this up really pretty.  ( I hope you aren't bored at this point.)  As I said, I'm ready to go to Memphis.  I've got on my maxi skirt, cute sandals, etc.  I am ready!  Now is when I need to add  that dog to this scenario.  Silas has moped around since getting up.  I think he knew something was up.  Something was out of place & off schedule.  So I asked if he wanted to go.  He perked right up.  He rides to the lot with me to get the computer. 

 It's like 8 o'clock in the morning & the grass is still wet from the dew.  Anyway I'm trying to be graceful which isn't in my vocabulary or even on my radar.  I'm tiptoeing across the grass so my feet don't get so dirty & wet.  When my foot hits the asphalt I go down.  With Silas in one arm & my free hand on the ground to catch myself.  I was so mad!  It hurt too!  Anyway, I get myself together.  Get the computer to mother.  Go home and head for Memphis.  I walked Beale St. two times Friday. And two times Saturday.  (And might I say that Main Street is really pretty. I walked it four times in a 24 hour span too. That song kept playing in my head "Walking in Memphis")  Ok back to the point.  Friday night came and so did bath time & bed time.  I will spare you some details here.  Let me just say I shaved my legs really fast, plus my knee was kinda puffy.  Saturday morning came.  I headed back to the FedEx Forum.  I got to participate in some awesome worship with about 9500+ women & some dear sisters.  I really think that was just a small glimpse of what heaven is going to be like.   The whole weekend flew by so quick.  It was like birthing a baby.  It has been nearly nine months in the making.  I wanted to stay a little bit longer.  But I couldn't.  Saturday night came.  So did bath time & bed time.  Only this time I was able to actually soak a little bit & shave my legs properly.  And as I did, the thought came to me.... "When was the last time your knees looked like that from prayer?"  Well, I can't say they ever have.  Ouch!!!! The fall was much easier than that question.  Better yet, am I even willing for my knees to look like that from prayer? 

In her study "Jesus the One & Only"  Beth asked the question or makes the statement of "Wonder what it sounded like when the knees of Jesus hit that ground in the garden."  When he begged the Father to let the cup pass from Him.  I often wonder that now.  What did that sound like?  But then again, how often & how hard am I even willing to fall on my knees in prayer? Desperate, pleading, prayer. I sure didn't mean to fall Friday morning.  But I promise you this, it is one fall I won't forget now.  Not because it may leave a scar on my knee, it left a scar on my heart.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The death of a frog....

I've had to stop what I was doing to get these thoughts down...Plus I needed to check on the pool & call the pool store.  Which adds insight to the post.  Funny how things work out.  I posted the following comment on Facebook Saturday.  I shared some of it with D Friday night.  Usually when I share thoughts like this he ignores me.  But in this case he listened & God used some of it for his message Sunday.

"I'm only afraid because I’m comfortable. It’s too easy to let the stuff make you comfortable, to use
stuff as a shield to protect you against the headlines.

What if we are all only afraid becaus
e we’ve settled for being comfortable? What if we are all only afraid when where we’ve settled is not where the Comforter is — because where the Comforter meets you is precisely when you are outside of your comfort zone?

More than being afraid of a dangerous world, maybe we should be much more afraid of comfort zones.
Frogs have died that way.
What if we all were more afraid of comfort zones because this more than possible:

What if every comfort zone — is just a death trap?"
Ann Voskamp

When I read this I immediately thought of myself & the recent job.  My next thought was the church.
I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I had stayed in that job one more year I would have ended up just like the frog.  I didn't realize it until I read those words. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to grow up & be a stay at home mom.  I am so thankful & blessed to say that I did get to do that during those important years.  I was also blessed beyond measure by getting to work in the school system where my boys attended.  I had the summers off with them.  They rode to work with me.  I was off work when they were out of school.  God's plan...I think so. 
With age comes changes.  Some good.  Some bad.  I didn't realize it at the time how stressed and pulled I was.  Until last week.  School started and I didn't go.  For the first time in 12 years, I DID NOT go.  I have to admit it was a bittersweet feeling. 
I started painting on our bathroom.  It has been a cloudy/rainy four or five days so I thought it was a good way to spend the time.  I've had lots of thinking time!   And that is when the realization hit.  I didn't realize how comfortable or how dangerous I was.  As I've said I was scared to take the jump.  But there is freedom in the jump.  Much like our faith.  Much like our Christian walk.  We are scared to take the chance because where we are is comfortable.  But what if that comfort will be what kills you? 
This picture may gross you out.  It did me:
Of course the white one's are dead.  And there are some that are still alive. 
With the rain & humidity I know they were looking for a nice, cool, comfortable place.  See what comfort got them??? 
In leaving the former job, there were sacrifice's.  If you know me at all, you know I love, love, love purses, shoes, fashion, the beach... I'm not saying those things are no more.  Just in moderation based on need. (Ha) And I have to admit too that I have felt a bit guilty not contributing financially to the house hold. my sister in law said the other day I am able to give my three men ALL of me now.  Not just the leftovers.  And I never realized that either.  That that was exactly what they have been getting for 12 years.  Because so much demanded my time & attention.  These days I'm busy at home doing whatever needs to be done and just waiting on my man to call.  And he does & I love it. 
Now about the church.  As D preached Sunday.  We as Christians/church members get comfortable.  And when the church gets comfortable it dies too. 
I say all of that to say this....If you are a working mama stay strong.  Hang in there.  It will pass.  You will blink and they will be buying houses and engagment rings.  They will be starting Senior year's.  But they do need you.  Be all there for them.  Not just partly there.  ALL there. 
For the church... get out of your comfort zone.  Lives are at stake.  Jesus will return.  Folks will die.  The world is a messed up place and we as Christians are called to spread the word not to be a dead frog!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

What??? It's the first day of school???

Can somebody please tell me how this happened?? I mean, I didn't mean to blink that many times.  This boy starts his senior year today.  This was the sweet face of a little boy on his first day of kindergarten.  He couldn't wait to get there.  He was going to big school just like his big brother.  He was so excited to play on the playground.  I remember how sad I was for him, because it rained on his first day.  (and there's a chance of rain today.)  He's changed a lot since that first day, but, then again, he hasn't.
He's always been a spit fire.  He still is.  I could just cry looking at that face. 
He has always thought he was just as big as his brother, if not bigger.  He never batted an eye at leaving me.  He won't this morning either.  (By the way, we are ending his educational tenure just like we started.  He's at school, I'm at home.)
I've been so preoccupied this summer that I haven't had time to think about this day.  Until now. 
(That face is getting me.)  Memories are flooding back.  Time has flown by.
I can't rewind the clock.  I can't turn back time.  I can only look back & say how thankful I am that God let me be his mama. 
I would love to call him by one of his old sweet names, but I won't.  He's a man child now. 
So I will just say this, 
Youngest boy of mine, go get em.  You have always marched to the beat of your own drum.  So many people would love to have your courage.  You say what ever is on your mind.  You never have worried what people thought.  You still don't.  I have no doubt that those folks in that high school will know you are there.  Your presence will be known & your voice will be heard.  You just have that affect on people.   There's so much about you that people don't know.  And it's those small, private things that make me love you so much.  You and your brother have made my heart spill over.  You are both so different from each other yet you both hold an equal part of my heart.  You always seem to make me laugh whether it is out loud or just in my heart.  You have made me and your daddy so proud.  Go forth this year, young man.  Let them see your Jesus in you.  Stand for what you believe in.  Enjoy it and have a blast.