Monday, August 25, 2014

Prayer life & computers. How's yours?

Ok.  I have no shame.  And yes, that is my BIG foot you see.  I own it.  It all began last Tuesday when I found out a nice person sent my mother a message on her computer to say she had problems & call the number immediately.  So she did.  That nice person wanted to help her fix her computer.  And you know where this story is going don't you?  You think I got the spot on my knee from praying over the computer & situation.  If that is what you think I will burst your bubble now.  You are wrong.  I got the computer to our really nice computer guru here.  He ran scans & whatever other miracle he does.  Computer is now ready to go again. 

Close to nine months ago now, I purchased a ticket to attend Beth Moore's Living Proof Live event in Memphis this past weekend.  The time has come.  It is Friday morning.  The computer is ready and so am I.  I go to the lot to get the computer so I can take it to mom. I know this will make her happy.  She will have her beloved back for the weekend.

Now, let me paint this up really pretty.  ( I hope you aren't bored at this point.)  As I said, I'm ready to go to Memphis.  I've got on my maxi skirt, cute sandals, etc.  I am ready!  Now is when I need to add  that dog to this scenario.  Silas has moped around since getting up.  I think he knew something was up.  Something was out of place & off schedule.  So I asked if he wanted to go.  He perked right up.  He rides to the lot with me to get the computer. 

 It's like 8 o'clock in the morning & the grass is still wet from the dew.  Anyway I'm trying to be graceful which isn't in my vocabulary or even on my radar.  I'm tiptoeing across the grass so my feet don't get so dirty & wet.  When my foot hits the asphalt I go down.  With Silas in one arm & my free hand on the ground to catch myself.  I was so mad!  It hurt too!  Anyway, I get myself together.  Get the computer to mother.  Go home and head for Memphis.  I walked Beale St. two times Friday. And two times Saturday.  (And might I say that Main Street is really pretty. I walked it four times in a 24 hour span too. That song kept playing in my head "Walking in Memphis")  Ok back to the point.  Friday night came and so did bath time & bed time.  I will spare you some details here.  Let me just say I shaved my legs really fast, plus my knee was kinda puffy.  Saturday morning came.  I headed back to the FedEx Forum.  I got to participate in some awesome worship with about 9500+ women & some dear sisters.  I really think that was just a small glimpse of what heaven is going to be like.   The whole weekend flew by so quick.  It was like birthing a baby.  It has been nearly nine months in the making.  I wanted to stay a little bit longer.  But I couldn't.  Saturday night came.  So did bath time & bed time.  Only this time I was able to actually soak a little bit & shave my legs properly.  And as I did, the thought came to me.... "When was the last time your knees looked like that from prayer?"  Well, I can't say they ever have.  Ouch!!!! The fall was much easier than that question.  Better yet, am I even willing for my knees to look like that from prayer? 

In her study "Jesus the One & Only"  Beth asked the question or makes the statement of "Wonder what it sounded like when the knees of Jesus hit that ground in the garden."  When he begged the Father to let the cup pass from Him.  I often wonder that now.  What did that sound like?  But then again, how often & how hard am I even willing to fall on my knees in prayer? Desperate, pleading, prayer. I sure didn't mean to fall Friday morning.  But I promise you this, it is one fall I won't forget now.  Not because it may leave a scar on my knee, it left a scar on my heart.

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