Thursday, August 7, 2014

What??? It's the first day of school???

Can somebody please tell me how this happened?? I mean, I didn't mean to blink that many times.  This boy starts his senior year today.  This was the sweet face of a little boy on his first day of kindergarten.  He couldn't wait to get there.  He was going to big school just like his big brother.  He was so excited to play on the playground.  I remember how sad I was for him, because it rained on his first day.  (and there's a chance of rain today.)  He's changed a lot since that first day, but, then again, he hasn't.
He's always been a spit fire.  He still is.  I could just cry looking at that face. 
He has always thought he was just as big as his brother, if not bigger.  He never batted an eye at leaving me.  He won't this morning either.  (By the way, we are ending his educational tenure just like we started.  He's at school, I'm at home.)
I've been so preoccupied this summer that I haven't had time to think about this day.  Until now. 
(That face is getting me.)  Memories are flooding back.  Time has flown by.
I can't rewind the clock.  I can't turn back time.  I can only look back & say how thankful I am that God let me be his mama. 
I would love to call him by one of his old sweet names, but I won't.  He's a man child now. 
So I will just say this, 
Youngest boy of mine, go get em.  You have always marched to the beat of your own drum.  So many people would love to have your courage.  You say what ever is on your mind.  You never have worried what people thought.  You still don't.  I have no doubt that those folks in that high school will know you are there.  Your presence will be known & your voice will be heard.  You just have that affect on people.   There's so much about you that people don't know.  And it's those small, private things that make me love you so much.  You and your brother have made my heart spill over.  You are both so different from each other yet you both hold an equal part of my heart.  You always seem to make me laugh whether it is out loud or just in my heart.  You have made me and your daddy so proud.  Go forth this year, young man.  Let them see your Jesus in you.  Stand for what you believe in.  Enjoy it and have a blast. 

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