Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Matters of the heart

I usually begin preparing the Sunday School lesson on Monday morning.  I read over the lesson, make a few notes.  Let it all sink in.  Be on the lookout throughout the week for what God will lay in front of me for the lesson.  Then, by Friday or Saturday night I am knee deep in it and something will always pop out then that didn't on Monday.  This past week it was this line:  "At the end of the day, what impresses us dictates us." (Beth Moore in the study of James) I have whirled that around in my head.  I touched on it in class Sunday.  I even asked the question on Facebook.  What is it that impresses you?  Because whatever it is that impresses you, you will chase & find a way to have.  Needless to say we didn't finish the lesson Sunday.  So, by not finishing the lesson Sunday that allowed me to dig somewhere else Monday.  I was struck by the Hebrew meaning for Sanctuary.  "A consecrated or holy thing or place."  Our hearts are to be a Sanctuary.  The one holy thing about us.  It is, after all, where the Spirit of God abides in us. Right?  So, if that is the case, how is the condition of your heart?  Is it impressed with all things God or does it have a tendency to chase after the things of the world?  The Message translates Matthew 6:21 this way, "The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, & end up being."   So where is your treasure?  What is your treasure? WHO is your treasure?  I know all our answers will go something like this:  well, God of course is my treasure.  Then there's my spouse, my kids, my parents.  I love my car, my house, my clothes. Oh not to mention purses, shoes, food.  Really?  

  Yesterday I was getting myself dressed & ready to go get my hair cut.  Last mother's day my boys gave me a bracelet.  One with charms.  Let me set this scene up really good.  The oldest had been telling me for weeks that he already had my mother's day gift.  We were all at the lake that weekend working on the place & I mentioned to D that if they didn't already have the gift I might would ask for one of these bracelets.  The youngest, with the help of the aunt, got the little book & took pictures of the bracelet & charms that I had circled.  ( I had no clue they were doing this)  All of a sudden the youngest announced he was leaving to go home.  I ride home with him.  On arrival home he & the older one waste no time in saying they needed to go to wal mart for paint balls.  Let me give you a bit more detail here.  They both have on khaki shorts, nasty white t shirts, dirty shoes. (We had been working at the lake remember? Not play, work!)  They were gone forever.  Sunday morning came & they presented me with a little white box.  In it was the bracelet & some charms.  I can just picture these two teenage boys walking into this Jewelry store looking like they did.  I may not wear another piece of jewelry but you will most always find that bracelet on my arm.  Until yesterday.  I have a little OCD tendency & I've been meaning for some time to arrange the charms a certain way.  I just haven't taken the time until yesterday.  And when I did the end of the bracelet broke off in one of the charms.  I got my hair cut & immediately made my way to the jewelry store.  They got the end out of the charm & the said bracelet was replaced.  The bracelet isn't my "treasure" but the man & kids that gave it are.  I wasn't going to go one day with out it.  Could I? Yes.  Did I want to?  No!  So I did what I had to do.  Now, you know where this is going don't you?  When was the last time we broke our neck to get to the Father whether it was over an earthly treasure being broken or maybe because our own heart was in such sad shape.  If we let Him dwell there, in what should be our own sanctuary, we wouldn't be in the shape we are now.  Would we?  If we let all things God impress us, they would dictate us.  So how's your heart?  What is it that is impressing you the most?  Because whatever it is, it is dictating you.  Scary isn't it?

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