Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunday Reflection

I'm praying & seeking what to do here.  In this little spot.  To grow this place.  So there may be more changes on the way.  Eventually a different look.  Hopefully a pattern.  A schedule of sorts.  Something you may can count on.

This is the first "for sure thing" to hopefully be a constant.  Something called "Sunday Reflections".  A post that will be here on Monday mornings.  A post that will be my thoughts on the Sunday message or maybe our Sunday School lesson.  Or, maybe, just something that God shared with me through both.  Either way I hope it will be something that you will look forward to.  Something that will encourage you.  Something I hope you will enjoy.

I'm going back to last week.  D's message was titled "The Backside of the Desert".  I have to admit he went a totally different direction than what I thought he would when he gave the title & the scripture.  (Let me take the time right here to say that I find out what the message is the same time the congregation does. I'm always as surprised as they are.  It is usually never discussed.)  The scripture was Exodus 3:1-6.  Now when he said the back side of the desert my first thought was, "Yes!  I've been on the back side of the desert.  To that dry, lonely spot. So thirsty for God.  Longing so much for a move.  For His presence."  That was where I thought we were going.  But instead D took us to all the platforms that God has used to speak.  In this case it was to Moses through a burning bush on the backside of the desert. 

But I still wonder about those that have been like me.  On the backside, no let me rephrase that, IN the backside of the desert.  In that dry place thirsty for more.  Waiting and longing.  I know there were things, events so to speak, that led Moses to the desert.  And I'm not sure that he was expecting God to show up.  But God did.  And He spoke to Moses.  Right there in the desert.  So if He would show up and speak to Moses right there in the desert, don't you think He will show up and speak to you in yours?  We sometimes just have to be willing to wait.  On Him.  Because it is ALL done in His time.  Not ours. 

Have a Happy Monday

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