Monday, September 1, 2014

The way a man views a yard sale..

This isn't a typical post for me.  And truth be told, it may be a turning point for this blog.  It's just an honest post. And again, truth be told I have to laugh at what I'm about to share.  In fact I will laugh about it for years to come.  My boys may laugh about this for years to come too.  You on the other hand, just may not get it or you may just sit and shake your head. 

Labor day weekend began for us on Friday.  We took off and headed to the lake.  We all went in shifts.  The dog & I headed out early Friday morning.  D followed about an hour or so behind.  My job was to be ready when he got there so we could head out to the "Bargain Highway".  (It's a yard sale that has been going on Labor day weekend now for approx. 15 yrs).  Now D & I took a jab at this yard sale last year.  We didn't score big then.  He's got a long way to go before mastering the art of yard sale-ing.  (I don't even know if that is a word.)  His idea is this, drive by doing approximately 45 mph (if he can) & say "you see anything?"  In which I reply "Well, it was all a blur."  Or it may go something like this..."You wanna stop at that one?" In which I reply "whatever", "it doesn't matter", "just stop where ever you want to.  I'm just along for the ride."  We practiced these skills until we were hot & tired.  We returned to the house & I felt somewhat ok about the day. 

Saturday morning came.  One child had gone to Wal Mart.  The other was going to shadow a nephew & go to the "yard sale".  I knew his trip would go very similar to my Friday.  The nephew has taken lessons from D. Or maybe it's just a man thing.  Anyway, D said let's go.  I, being submissive, say "ok."  I didn't ask.  I just commented that he had some grass on his socks in which he said "where I'm going, it won't matter."  Once we are out on the highway, he turns left.  Care to take a guess where I'm going?  Yep.  Back to the "Bargain Hwy."  (I really had no idea it was called that until Saturday.)  So we're off again.  He scored on the first stop.  Now let me add this important piece of information... He had said he was looking for something he could put to use now.  You know, something beneficial. Like rod iron hand rails for a porch, or chains for the tractor.  Do you have this picture yet?  Good.  I on the other hand was on the lookout for old green/blue ball jars, old/vintage bowls etc.  I want you to know I've seen land I had never seen before.  I rode for miles & miles on what felt like the back side of nowhere!  And the one thing I learned from this two day yard sale trip was this: my man & I have a completely different take on yard sale items.  Here's an example:

Old bed linens.  They feel so soft & are even prettier in person.

My favorite purchase of the trip.

Glasses & jars.
I can't forget this basket.  D just didn't see my vision in this.  He even tried to talk the man down a dollar or two.  I was fine with the price on the tag. 
And now we have come to the highlight of the post.  D's idea of a great yard sale find:
Y'all he never ceases to amaze me.  It was in a yard & it was for sale.
I still can't help but laugh. 
(yes, he bought it) 

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