Thursday, October 30, 2014

To the parents of a Senior

Facebook was full of last "home game" day pictures.  Comments of "last home" game field show.  College acceptance letters.  My heart goes out to you.  If this is your first baby's moment, it's a hard one.  But by the time the 2nd comes along you will be a pro.  However, you realize with the second or last one, you won't walk this way again.  My words to you are this..... It will be ok.  God gave you that child.  He entrusted that child to you.  He entrusted that baby to you years ago to raise them up in the way they should go.  His word also says that they are to leave & cleave.  Not stay & rot.  We have to, (as my mother always said) cut the apron strings.

I know all to well how you feel.  I've been where you are.  I'm there now.  These Seniors hold a special place for me.  As did the class of 2013.  These seniors were in 1st grade when I started to work in the school system.  But before that, they were in Mom's Day Out with my senior.  We had field trips together.  We've been on the ball field together.  The basketball court.  They are good kids.

The thought that got me through the 1st one was this.  Be thankful for the moment.  They are proud to be here.  It is bittersweet for everyone.  But it is their moment.  Remember when you were a Senior?  We knew it all didn't we?  They do too. 

I remember when this Senior started Kindergarten.  He was often asked what I was going to do when he went to school.  His reply was "throw a party".  That Senior just left to go to the "last home" game.

I've said when May rolls around no one will be cheering or shouting Hallelujah louder than me.  I will be honest though, when the band starts to play  I may get a little choked up.  But I will remember this is their moment.  And I will be thankful that God is faithful & He saw us through.

So cry if you must.  It is a big stepping stone.  One they will always remember and so will you.  But it will be ok.  So will they.  And so will you.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts on Fashion

I hope y'all enjoy this post because let me tell ya, it has been an ordeal to publish.  Computer problems on just about every computer.  Mainly with my pinterest account.  Don't ya just love technology?
Alright Sunday afternoon we had a packing party at church to pack the shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  Things were laid out and separated for boy/girl.  As I examined my stack of goodies I got a little excited about the girl things.  The best friend was standing next to me & looked at D and said if you ever have a granddaughter, you're in trouble.  She's right.  We will be in trouble & broke.  Now if my future daughter in law ever reads this, she will think "If I ever have a little girl there's no way in the world I will ever let her dress her!"  Go with me here people.
If the good Lord had blessed us with a girl (thankful that He didn't) I would have loved to dress her like this. 

My mother has said she dressed me in all the lace she could before I could talk.  Once I could speak my mind, well, I still don't like lace.

Is that little skirt not just the cutest thing you have seen??? I would learn to sew just so a granddaughter could wear it! 

I just love this little outfit. 

Now I realize there's some lace on this.  But it is so adorable.  Hat & all!

Notice the little converse looking shoes.  Cuteness all over.

And I just had to share this.  One of my dear friends from church sent this one to me on pinterest.  Again so adorable.
The best friend & I laughed about a daughter or granddaughter and how I would dress her.  Friend said, "she'd be barefoot at all times."  At which point I added" unless I had her in some converse."  Friend said "her mouth and face will be dirty". At which point I said "probably so." "With the dirt ring necklace."  But I also added "but come Sunday, she'll be so stinkin' cute no one will be able stand it!"

Now not only would I have tried to dress my little girl something like what's in these images I would have also taught her how to dress herself with dignity and honor. 
However, God has a bigger plan and knew I didn't need a little girl.  He gave us the best two boys.  And I am so thankful.  Now if he wants me to have a granddaughter when the time is right that's ok.  But I will be over the top with boys too. 

All the image's were taken from

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sunday Reflections: Priceless

As I sat and listened to one of the specials yesterday I couldn't help but think back to thirty years or so ago.   Thirty years or so ago this weekend I went on a hayride with a boy.  A teenage boy.  It was our first "date".  His mother had to drive
him to the church. 
That was thirty years or so ago.  He wasn't a preacher then.  Becoming a preacher wasn't even on the radar.  His or mine.
Now here we are thirty years or so later. 
A preacher & a preacher's wife. 
Our church family showed us their love and appreciation again yesterday. 
There are absolutely no words to describe or explain to you or them how we feel about them.  When you've been with someone for ten or so years you get to know them pretty well.  They become an important part of who you are.  An important part of your life.  They even become a means of which you live & breath.  Our church family may not be blood related, but then again, yes they are. 
They have no doubt prayed for us.  And I do believe it has been those prayers and many others that have seen us through.  During these last ten years or so you have helped us raise our boys.  And these boys don't know it yet, (one day they will) but you have all been instrumental in their faith.  They have seen your face Sunday after Sunday.  They have seen your hands in VBS.  In the food banks.  In the meals.  And they don't know this either (one day they will) they have felt your prayers.
To know that you are that instrumental in some one's life is priceless.  And you, our church family, that is exactly what you are. PRICELESS!
Thank you & we love you are not enough for you.  As D has often said they are just words.
But we do hope you know how much we love you & thank you for all you have done for us over these last ten years. 
Thirty years or so ago we never dreamed that we would be a preacher or a preacher's wife.  But of this we are sure of now, we are so thankful that we are and that God led us to you.
He's been good to us all and He is worthy of ALL our praise.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday's thoughts on fashion: White after Labor day?

I know.  I know.  To wear white jeans/pants after Labor Day is a huge NO in the south.  Well in my opinion, not any more.   I recommend white denim though.  I do have sense enough to know that to wear white linen may push the envelope just a bit.

When paired with the sweater/boot combo life just seems better.   Makes it look like fall?

And now to add the black.  Screams fall/winter even more.  Right?

Now these may look a bit more summer-y, but it could be done. 

This image is a good example of how to transition into fall.  Mix the pale shades with the denim. 

This one too. 

I've been busy editing photos & brushing the dog this week.  So my thoughts haven't been on the Thursday's post.  But the best friend called yesterday & said can I wear white jeans tonight?  I said well yea!  So there ya have it. 
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lessons from the dog groomer

I posted on facebook last week that he had gone to get his bath & a hair cut.  Now before I begin this story let me say that we love our groomer, Ms. Cheryl.  She has been grooming for us for over eight years now.  You mention her name & just like Samps did, Silas knows what it means. 
Well, (insert big sigh here) he went.  But, (another big sigh) we got in trouble. 
She, (the groomer) called me and got on to me.  He was matted. 
But not matted enough to be shaved to the point that we see pink.  (Thankful)
Anyway, she tells me, "You have GOT to start brushing him!" And I'm thinking "do you know what this will do to me?  Do you know this dog?  "He is anything but quite & still."  Instead I say with a smile "ok."  I arrive at the vet at the appointed time for pick up.  I was summoned to her area where I was given a quick lesson on how to properly brush him.  She demonstrated on him. 
Let me paint this picture a little bit better.  He is on her table with a Pomeranian.  (I laugh at the sight now) I don't know who was more terrified, Silas, the pom, or me. 
Anyway, she holds up her brush and says "you put him on your washer or dryer, hold him up like this, brush this way.  Hold his ear like this & brush that way."  Silas is standing there shaking, the pom is shaking & I'm shaking my head agreeing. ( thinking this will never work!)
She tells me there's no excuse.  Get one of these brushes out here & brush him! 
I came home with a brush.
Friday came & I thought, "let's give this a try."  I put him on the washer & y'all he stood still.  I brushed the ears, legs, belly & even the face.  He let me!  So I was left to wonder, "well, was it because we got in trouble & he knew it or  was it because he recognized the brush?" Either way, he has let me brush him every day since Friday. 
I laugh every time I place him on the washer now.  And I'm thankful I didn't have to get a Pomeranian too!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunday Reflections

As I went to bed last night I thought about today's post.  My conclusion was that I just don't have a reflection this week.  But as I was making the bed this morning, I reflected. 
D's message yesterday was on losing our focus.  His scripture was 1 Corinthians 9:24 "Don't you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to win."
And Philippians 3:13 Paul writes "Forgetting the past & looking forward to what lies ahead, 14) I press on to reach the end of the race & receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us."
So, I'm pondering all of this.  One of the questions in his sermon was this: "What causes man to lose his focus?"  Well I had several answers for all of us.  There's cell phones, facebook, twitter, snap chat, text messages, TV, books, relationships, circumstances in life, life in general.  We get so distracted by the worldly things.  We blame Ebola, drugs, aides, congress, senate, the president. 
My thoughts turned to Noah.  Remember Noah? 
Genesis 6:11) "now God saw that the earth had become corrupt and was filled with violence. 12) God observed all this corruption in the world, for everyone on earth was corrupt. 13) So God said to Noah, "I have decided to destroy all living creatures, for they have filled the earth with violence. Yes, I will wipe them all out along with the earth!"
What about Lot & his wife? Sometimes we are just like her.  We are so busy looking in the past we can't focus on what is in front of us enough to press toward the mark.  The mark in which the Lord called us to focus on.  The angel told Lot in verse 17 of Genesis 19 to Hurry & run for their lives.  Don't look back or stop anywhere. But in verse 26 the wife couldn't help but look back and when she did she was turned into a pillar of salt. 
Who was to blame? 
So in all of the distractions and all of the busy-ness we are faced with, we want to blame everything & everyone else.  When the truth is, it's our own fault.  We are our own distraction.  We are our own reason in lost focus.  Our priorities are all messed up. 
My challenge to you is to refocus.  Press on toward the mark, the one in which God has called you to & don't look back!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Let's go back to the closet

Alright let's talk about a few things. 
I've pondered quite a bit since yesterday's post. 
I commented on facebook that several of the items in my closet are older than ten years.  That isn't a lie.  And in my defense if you look closely you will see long sleeves in the mix.  I have very little stuff stored for winter.  When I buy something, it is a multi-season piece.  I can layer or wear alone.  I've been D's wife for nearly twenty five years and I can't tell you how many times I've heard him say "you get what you pay for".  He's right.  But don't get me wrong, I don't buy expensive things.  However, on those occasions when I have paid full price for something because it talked to me straight off the rack, it is still hanging in that closet and is nearly worn out. 
I have one denim shirt that is my all time favorite.  I bought it a long time ago, paid full price (from Old Navy) and it is still a go to.  Same with my denim jacket.  There is an elbow that has blown out of it but I refuse to buy a new one.  In fact if I did it would probably have the elbow out too.
So much for the closet.  Let's move to the weather.  I think it was a rainy, cloudy, gloomy, mix since Monday. I was so ready to see the sun.  I even threatened to move or take another quick trip south if he didn't show himself yesterday.  Good thing he did.  I was already making plans for crab claws & cheesecake.  So much again for the treadmill right? 
A sweet friend sent me a message yesterday morning that said "He knows the desire of our hearts."  I replied, "Yep, He sure does."  And that is exactly the truth.  There are some days when I can't even wrap my mind around it.  The fact that He cares so much about the small stuff.  I believe that He will often give us the small stuff just so we will trust Him more with the big stuff. 
That's all of my rambling for this Friday.  Have a happy weekend.  The forecast says it will be full of sunshine!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts on Fashion: The Closet!

I said in a recent post I would get brave & show you my closet.  Well today is your lucky/not so lucky day.  I was going through it & straightening it up (maybe because summer is over?) & thought why not?
Be warned!
On any given day during the summer months & later, if you were to stop by the house you will find me in the likes of these.  They are cheap knit shorts.  I will have them paired with a tank top & a sports bra.  Talk about fashion.  And if I have to make a run to the grocery store you will most likely see me in same said outfit.  I will say I try to put on something decent when I have to go out.

I do own some regular shorts.  I think there are maybe six pair here.  I hate them.
I will most often put on a cute skirt with a tank or tee shirt.
My collection of tanks.  Six stacks. 

I'm just almost embarrassed of these.

My side of the closet.  Madness!!! I realize if I would buy matching outfits it would be a bit more organized.  Maybe.  But I'm not a matchy matchy person. Do you remember last spring?  We had to rebuild the closet because one of my shelves fell.. Is it any wonder?  And I got rid of A LOT!!!
There have been times when I have been shopping with friends or family members and they will ask what will you wear that with?  My reply is usually, "I don't know.  I will put it with something." Now you understand why. 
There are purses, scarves, & shoes all in the mix too.  I sometimes walk in there & think this is just wrong.  And believe me when I say I've slowed down in recent years.  D doesn't think so.  But then again when he is with me and I come out of Gap or Marshall's with nothing.....Yea. 
I hope your closet looks so much better & prettier than mine.  I'm sure you can just imagine the madness when I get in there and try to come up with something to wear.  Oh well.  I warned you.  Now you know.  Until next Thursday....

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The problem with my treadmill

Yes I have a treadmill.  I know you can't tell by looking at me. But I have one and I actually use it. 
Well, maybe not on a daily basis, but I am working on it.  I have been faithfully (again) for two weeks now.    I've always enjoyed walking more than any other exercise routine.  I prefer a good walk outside but I don't have a real good place with out going to the park & I'm to lazy to do that.  So if I get a walk in it is on the treadmill.  However, I have discovered a problem with that.
The only way I half way enjoy it is to have the TV on.  My favorite thing to watch right now is recorded episodes of  For those of you not familiar with this, it's a cooking show.  So I find myself asking what sense does this make?  I'm walking/running on a treadmill, watching a woman cook food.  It's a good thing for D because I get inspired to cook.  It's a bad thing for D because I get inspired to shop for cute kitchen stuff too. 
I tried my hand at my own version of her creamy creamed potatoes.  Y'all there's cream cheese in these suckers along with heavy whipping cream.  Is there a need for me to say any thing more??? They were soooo good.
I even went as far as to fry some chicken in a bonafied iron skillet.  It isn't the first time I've done this.  The boys will eat it up.  And this is where I say, notice the platter it is on.  (how cute is that? It actually looks better in person) The first picture is the platter back in it's spot after it is cleaned up.  There's no chicken left.

Again I went all out and fixed the biscuits. 
Now don't go getting all jealous.  This doesn't happen every night.  But if I can stay on the treadmill & get enough episodes recorded the possibilities are endless. 
I will also say that I have her cookbook.  And one of these days, just maybe, I will have one of the pretty blenders that she uses.  I highly doubt it.  I've priced those suckers.  But I can so imagine me using one.  I would be like all Martha, Paula & Ree mixed up in one kitchen. 
So there's the problem with my treadmill.  I think the only cure for it will be Christmas.  The treadmill has to find a new home when one of the trees goes up.  We may go on a diet then. 
Now I realize there isn't a photo of the said treadmill (& this post is just a sort of rambling.)  But believe me I have one.  Just like many folks have a Bible.  If their reading pattern or discipline or whatever you want to call it, is like my relationship with the treadmill, get the idea. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sunday Reflections

Do you ever have those moments where your brain is just smooshy?  That is how mine felt yesterday.  I slept later than usual and I think too hard.  I was sore from head to toe.  But it was nice to sleep a little later.  The ladies and I are still rolling around with James.  Boy to say the struggle is real is an understatement.  Yesterday's lesson was on faith with out works.  And what good is your faith?  The question was asked "How are our individual worlds any better off  because we believe in Jesus?  Do those we encounter in passing, in working, or in playing receive any direct benefit because we are Christians?"  Ouch.  But good questions to ponder none the less. 
So what are we doing with our faith?  Are we hiding it under a bushel?  Is it making a difference in any one's life?  You think about it, where would you be if someone hadn't shared their faith with you? Whether it was in a kind act or a kind word.  We never know the impact we are having on someone.  They don't need a sermon from you.  Maybe they just need to see our faith in action.

I had all the above typed & ready.  But then I saw the date.  Meaning that today's date would be the 13th. To you, today isn't anything but October 13.  To me, it's more. 79 years ago today one of the world's finest men was born.  He was born as the baby of five.  Little did he know what his faith would do to others.  He was a man that was tall in stature, but he was tall in so many other ways too.  His funeral service told that.  The church was packed.  The folks in the choir had to stay there because the sanctuary couldn't seat them.  He lived his faith.  He never knew that as he lived his faith, that on his first birthday with out him I would find out I was pregnant with his fourth grandchild.    He never met him on this earth.  You can call me crazy, but I do believe they met long before God placed that baby in my womb.  That was 21 years ago.  That baby has so many similarities to that man.  I'm thankful for them both.  The man & the child.  I'm thankful that my earthy father let his faith show.  That he did have works.  That he did make a difference to someone.  I believe that if you knew him you would agree with me.

So as we start a new week what will you do with your faith?  Will it make a difference to anyone? 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts on Fashion: Leggings

I have a feeling this may open a can of worms. Maybe not a big can of worms but a can of worms.  Now this post is just my opinion and that is all. MY OPINION. I've come to the conclusion that leggings are a blessing & a curse.  They are wonderful to wear, but you become addicted.  Have you noticed that there are some who just wear them as pants?  I think there's a big difference in leggings & skinnies.

These are really cute.  I don't have a problem with  the leggings themselves.  I would really wonder what material they are made of.  If they are leggings or skinnies. 
I know the young girls like to wear the shorter tops and if mom is ok with them going out like that then go for it.  However, my daddy would have said put on a longer top. 
So let's imagine that the top is longer.  If the top is longer I think this would work for any age or size.  I would put these with a denim dress or a denim skirt.  Then you could always work a white tee shirt or pull any color from the leggings. 
  I wouldn't change anything about this.  It would work for any age or size.

Leggings done with class.  Again any age or size. 

I think this is so adorable.  It would work for anyone as well.  I, again, would prefer the top to be longer, but if you were comfortable with it,  go for it.

Now this one is totally me.  Notice the length & the converse?  It would work for anyone too. 
Being from the south I guess I have a certain standard for dress.  Maybe it's a southern thing.  Maybe because of the way I was brought up. 
Proverbs 31:25 says "She is clothed with strength and dignity".
Webster's defines dignity like this:"1. worthiness; nobility.  2. high repute; honor. 3. the degree of worth or honor.  4. loftiness of manner; stateliness.  5. calm self-possession and self-respect."  If we, as women, don't respect ourselves, who will? 
If you are a momma you have little eyes looking at you.  Those eyes may only be in the head of a two year old or they may be in the head of a 43 year old.  It doesn't matter.  They are watching.  I know some of the outfits I put together might "embarrass" my boys,  but only because it is the "get up" so to speak.  Not because I'm revealing things that should be hidden.
Now a side note to the young ones reading.  When it comes to the dignity, clothe yourself in it.  Just because it is seen in a magazine or on TV doesn't make it ok.  You may be trying to attract some cute boys attention.  You will get his attention alright.  But is it the kind of attention you really want?  Any boy that is worth chasing & having is worth knowing you for who you are, not what you wear or look like in a certain outfit.  Yea, the boys are looking for eye candy just like we girls did/do. But make it good candy.  Like a good caramel apple.  Something that will last a while.  Not just the pop rocks that melt in your mouth.  Does that make any sense?  Just a thought.  Anyway leggings can be all sorts of fun and there is so much you can mix and match with them. 
Happy Thursday Y'all! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sunday Reflections

I probably shouldn't be trying to post anything right now.  I'm a little on the tired side.  I have no reflections on Sunday because I was in a vehicle all day.  But I am going to share a few pictures and some thoughts on those moments. 
D & I headed south Thursday morning.  It was a much needed trip for both of us.  This is the first year in seven I guess that the boys haven't been to the beach.  Life is certainly changing. 
I knew there was rain in the forecast for Friday and I had told myself that I wouldn't get a good sunrise or sunset on this trip.  And I was ok with it. 
Friday morning came and my eyes popped open around 4:00 am.  I willed myself back to sleep around 5:00 am.  They flew back open around 6:30 am.  I put my contacts in & brushed my teeth as fast as I could and ran to the balcony.  Remember I wasn't expecting to see anything but I must have been secretly hoping. 
Look at what happened.
There were a few clouds.  I thought I will be patient and see what happens. 
And then.....there she was.

Peeking through.

In all her glory.

And just a few minutes later, I turned to face the west and there was this.


We ended Saturday night by chasing the sun.  She didn't disappoint.
I thought as I watched her rise Friday & then turn to see the rainbow, all within a matter of minutes, I just don't understand how folks can't see the beauty of God in all the moments or how they just don't see Him period. 

God sure did pour His favour out on us this weekend. 
 I am so thankful & so blessed. 


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts on Fashion

It seems as though last week's post on fashion was a hit and I'm so glad it was.   So here's a few more ideas. All of these came from my pinterest board.  We will go with the theme of transforming from summer to fall.  (Ugh)  I like fall fashion & all that goes with fall.  All the pretty colors etc.  Aside from that well.... Ok back to the fashion...

I think this jacket would work for all ages & sizes.  I think too, it could be dressed up or casual as it is here. For those who work in an office, it could be paired with a black, red, or brown dress pants or skirts of any length. I think maybe a pencil skirt would be ok.  You would just need to play with your options.   Oh, a cute pair of yellow/mustard skinny jeans would be cute.  I sometimes think that leopard print could serve as a new neutral.  I'm not a fan of a lot of it though.  I wouldn't wear a pair of leopard print shoes of any kind with this.  Less is more type thought here.

 A good denim jacket never hurt anyone.  Again, I think this would work for any age or size.  I'm gonna be 85 one day & I will still sport a denim jacket.  And maybe my converse all stars!  Just saying.  Mind over matter here folks.  You are only as old as you think you are. 

To me this is just basic and simple.  Nothing over the top.  Perfect for cool mornings.  Yet as the afternoon heat rises you can lose the jacket and still be ok.  You could even do a cute pair of sandals, flats as shown or even some ankle booties.  Possibilities are endless. 

This looks adorable.  I fear the only problem I would have would be those blasted jeans.  I'm sure there's not much of a zipper on them. (haha)  This might would be more appropriate for the teenage girl or the under 40 group.  I would definitely try to wear it even though I fall into the over 40 group.   Again the jeans would be my only problem.
Get in your closet and play.  Don't let your age or size stop you.  Mix & match.  I'm finding that now is the time to do that.  Mix the stripes & plaids.  I would just keep with the same color theme.  Unless the colors would compliment each other.  But if this is your first outing & you are uncomfortable then  play it safe.  Stripe & plaid or floral/stripe.  Bottom line is just to have fun with the clothes.  One day I will get brave & post a picture of my closet.  It is a disaster.  I never buy anything to go with anything.  There's never a complete outfit purchased at one time. 
Perfect example of mixing.  I found this yesterday & fell in love with the whole outfit. 
I have to tell y'all, I spent a couple of days at the doc with mom this past week.  On one of the visits I wore a pair of very distressed jeans.  Strings were hanging etc. She wanted to cut one of the strings off & I wouldn't let her.   During that visit she was telling me how hard it was to dress me when I began to speak.  She said as an infant she & my sister dressed me in all the lace & frills that they could.  They even took pictures.  But once I began to talk and had a voice I wouldn't wear it.  I still won't.  She said the simpler it was, the more I liked it.  I did like the long dresses though.  That is when I told her it was a good thing I wasn't a teen during the 70's.  She wouldn't have been able to keep enough bell bottoms in the house. 
 Happy Thursday Y'all!