Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lessons from the dog groomer

I posted on facebook last week that he had gone to get his bath & a hair cut.  Now before I begin this story let me say that we love our groomer, Ms. Cheryl.  She has been grooming for us for over eight years now.  You mention her name & just like Samps did, Silas knows what it means. 
Well, (insert big sigh here) he went.  But, (another big sigh) we got in trouble. 
She, (the groomer) called me and got on to me.  He was matted. 
But not matted enough to be shaved to the point that we see pink.  (Thankful)
Anyway, she tells me, "You have GOT to start brushing him!" And I'm thinking "do you know what this will do to me?  Do you know this dog?  "He is anything but quite & still."  Instead I say with a smile "ok."  I arrive at the vet at the appointed time for pick up.  I was summoned to her area where I was given a quick lesson on how to properly brush him.  She demonstrated on him. 
Let me paint this picture a little bit better.  He is on her table with a Pomeranian.  (I laugh at the sight now) I don't know who was more terrified, Silas, the pom, or me. 
Anyway, she holds up her brush and says "you put him on your washer or dryer, hold him up like this, brush this way.  Hold his ear like this & brush that way."  Silas is standing there shaking, the pom is shaking & I'm shaking my head agreeing. ( thinking this will never work!)
She tells me there's no excuse.  Get one of these brushes out here & brush him! 
I came home with a brush.
Friday came & I thought, "let's give this a try."  I put him on the washer & y'all he stood still.  I brushed the ears, legs, belly & even the face.  He let me!  So I was left to wonder, "well, was it because we got in trouble & he knew it or  was it because he recognized the brush?" Either way, he has let me brush him every day since Friday. 
I laugh every time I place him on the washer now.  And I'm thankful I didn't have to get a Pomeranian too!

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