Monday, October 27, 2014

Sunday Reflections: Priceless

As I sat and listened to one of the specials yesterday I couldn't help but think back to thirty years or so ago.   Thirty years or so ago this weekend I went on a hayride with a boy.  A teenage boy.  It was our first "date".  His mother had to drive
him to the church. 
That was thirty years or so ago.  He wasn't a preacher then.  Becoming a preacher wasn't even on the radar.  His or mine.
Now here we are thirty years or so later. 
A preacher & a preacher's wife. 
Our church family showed us their love and appreciation again yesterday. 
There are absolutely no words to describe or explain to you or them how we feel about them.  When you've been with someone for ten or so years you get to know them pretty well.  They become an important part of who you are.  An important part of your life.  They even become a means of which you live & breath.  Our church family may not be blood related, but then again, yes they are. 
They have no doubt prayed for us.  And I do believe it has been those prayers and many others that have seen us through.  During these last ten years or so you have helped us raise our boys.  And these boys don't know it yet, (one day they will) but you have all been instrumental in their faith.  They have seen your face Sunday after Sunday.  They have seen your hands in VBS.  In the food banks.  In the meals.  And they don't know this either (one day they will) they have felt your prayers.
To know that you are that instrumental in some one's life is priceless.  And you, our church family, that is exactly what you are. PRICELESS!
Thank you & we love you are not enough for you.  As D has often said they are just words.
But we do hope you know how much we love you & thank you for all you have done for us over these last ten years. 
Thirty years or so ago we never dreamed that we would be a preacher or a preacher's wife.  But of this we are sure of now, we are so thankful that we are and that God led us to you.
He's been good to us all and He is worthy of ALL our praise.

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